Universities Information:

ITESM – Monterrey Institute of Technology

Name of Institution

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey – Campus Monterrey (ITSEM)

Type of Agreement

Bilateral exchange agreement


The Monterrey Campus is the first campus of the Tecnológico de Monterrey System; also it’s the largest and most recognized campus of all the other around Mexico.


Known as “the city of the Mountains”, Monterrey city is a world class destination with modern infrastructure and services. It’s known for be the business capital of Mexico and the home of the most important universities in the country.
There are a lot of opportunities to explore at the city: from culture and entertainment to outdoors adventures.

Academic Offerings

• 41 undergraduate
• 34 masters
• 25 specializations
• 8 doctoratesInstituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey_photo

Study Areas:
– Engineer and Science
– Information Technology and Electronics
– Agriculture and Food Health
– Negotiation and Management
– Social Sciences and Humanities
– Law
– Communication and Journalism
– Design and Applied Art
– Architecture

Courses Taught in English

see a list here.

Student Life

There are many activities outside the classrooms that you can do during your free time. We have activities organize by the:
Students groups: Find a group that has the same interest you have in areas such as photography, music, mountain climbing, culture, environment and more.
Sport clubs: You can develop new skills in areas like soccer, rugby, swimming, karate, judo, box, yoga, volleyball, etc.
Cultural department: Enjoy the cultural events, plays or performances that the student organize or be part of the workshops focuses on music, gastronomy, plastic arts, dancing, etc.

International Students

Advising services include:
• Admission to Tecnológico de Monterrey
• Free airport pick up on official arrival day
• Orientation Program upon arrival
• Immigration/ visa orientation
• Health insurance
• Emergencies and Legal issues
• Class selection and registration
• Extracurricular activities
• Housing


The Host Family Program. This program will allow the international students to experience the Mexican culture and become more fluent in Spanish. Living with a host family includes: shared room with another international student, three meals a day, housekeeping, laundry facilities and utilities.
Live Off Campus. There is an abundance of homes and apartments for rent around the Campus. This provides the students with the freedom to choose who they want to live with (Mexican or international students) or live by their own. During the first days of their stay we´ll be doing some Apartment Tours near the Campus area in order to help them to find an apartment.
The Residence Halls. The residence halls that the university offers have common areas, wireless internet connection, vending machines, photocopiers and telephones. Most of the students that stay at the residence halls are Mexican students that come from different states around Mexico.

Expected Monthly Expenditures




     Host Family  $        30,000  $        2,500
     Apartment  $        20,500  $        1,708
Meals  $        14,100  $        1,175
Living Expenses  $        13,800  $        1,150
Health Insurance  $          4,600  $           383
Immigration Expenses  $          1,900  $           158

Scholarships/Financial Aid Available

None available

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