Universities Information:

Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro

Name of Institution

PUC – Rio (Pontifical Catholic University of Rio de Janeiro)

Type of Agreement

General Bilateral Agreement for Exchange Student


Only a selected group of people has the opportunity to study at PUC Rio, one of the top five universities in Brazil.PUC_photo1
PRESTIGIOUS university
COMPLETE infrastructure
STRATEGIC locationRecognized worldwide as one of the most important doctoral research centers in the country, the Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio) was founded in 1940 with the objective of developing knowledge based on humanistic values. The university now has 20,000 students who come from a variety of religious, ethnic and social backgrounds.


Come live in Rio de Janeiro, the marvellous city. It is an exciting city surrounded by a lush tropical forest and conveniently located by the Atlantic Ocean. The distinct contrast PUC_photo2between the modern and post-modern architecture with the green of the rain forest and the liveness of the beach atmosphere in the background paint a unique scenery.

With an intense cultural life, Rio de Janeiro is the perfect place for those who wish to immerse in the South American reality. It is an intriguing center for the arts, theatre, music, as well as for exhibitions, street performances, scientific conferences and cultural debates. One can find just about anything in Rio. And Rio´s musical environment is as alluring as in any big city the world, but of course with the unique samba clubs

Academic Offerings

Although the majority of the courses are taught in Portuguese, international students have the opportunity to take classes in English at PUC-Rio while learning Portuguese. Graduate classes are not a problem and can easily be attended by English and/or Spanish speakers.

Courses Taught in English

find a list of courses taught in English here

Student Life

Complete infrastructure and natural beauty!
Located in a pleasant and quiet neighbourhood;
Largest university library in Rio de Janeiro;
FREE Internet access provided (broadband and wireless);
Restaurants, cafeterias, bookstores and ATMs on campus;
Community service projects with underprivileged population;
Cultural center with art exhibitions throughout the year;
The PILOTIS, an open meeting area for concerts, political debates and fairs;
Easy and fast access to PUC-Rio with various bus lines.

International Students

Welcome reception at the airport;
Arrival orientation;
City tour;
Online Portuguese placement test and online enrolment;
Academic and personal assistance offered throughout the year;
Cultural adaptation class for an easier transition;
Homestay placement;
Volunteer work;
Emergency number available 24/7;
Safety plan;
Assistance with Federal Police registration (required for all international students);
Beginning and end of term celebrations.


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Expected Monthly Expenditures

Average price range Average estimate Semester average
Meal – lunch or dinner out R$ 8.00 – R$25.00 R$15.00* R$* 2700
Book Costs (1 semester) R$100.00 – R$500,00 R$250.00 R$ 250
Entertainment (monthly) R$100.00 – R$300.00 R$400.00*** R$ 2400
Transportation (daily) R$6.20- R$10.00 R$6.20** R$** 1120
Personal Expenses (monthly) R$ 50.00 – R$300.00 R$150.00*** R$ 900
Accommodation (monthly) R$1400.00 R$1400.00 R$ 8400
Tuition fee (21-24 credits) R$3.650.00 R$3.650.00*** R$ 21721
Orientation / Activities fee R$ 550.00 R$ 550.00 R$*** 500
Estimated Total R$ 37991
* – Average price of a single meal in the university and sorrounding areas
**- Considers tranportation by municipal bus
***- Estimated price per month, the real price will come out soon

Scholarships/Financial Aid Available

None available

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