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University of New South Wales

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University of New South Wales (UNSW)

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UNSW is located 15-20 min by bus from Sydney CBD.

Academic Offerings

A list of faculties at UNSW can be found here.

Download student handbook at: www.handbook.unsw.edu.au

After selecting either undergrad or graduate studies, students can search academic offerings by program or course. They can also click on the name of the course to get a course description, which will include a list of prerequisites for the course.

Download course timetable at:  www.timetable.unsw.edu.au/current/subjectSearch.html
The timetable lists all course codes and course names. Students can check semester availability of courses based on the current academic year.

Courses Taught in English

All courses are in English, other than the foreign language courses.

International Students

UNSW has the Aussie Mate Program.
Students can join the planned social activities throughout the semester to meet other exchange and UNSW students. Many UNSW Aussie Mates are outgoing exchange students who have either returned from exchange or plan to study overseas in the following session, so they are keen to meet people from their exchange destination.


We have secured on-campus accommodation through the Study Abroad program at the self-catered University Terraces (limited places) and fully-catered Kensington Colleges. Further details, including the fees, application form and deadline will be sent to students after they have been accepted into the exchange program.
Students can also apply for other on-campus apartments and colleges independently. Information on different on-campus housing options is available at:

Expected Monthly Expenditures

We recommend around AUD $18,000 – AUD $21,000 for one year and AUD $9,000 – AUD $11,000 for one semester. See: www.international.unsw.edu.au/living-sydney/cost-living for a breakdown of costs. Note that this is for the basics and does not include holiday travel and entertainment costs.

Scholarships/Financial Aid Available


International Office Page


University Homepage


For the university fact sheet go here.