Principles of Chemical Engineering 1M

Course Overview

The Class Deals with the Principles of Momentum Transfer in Fluid Dynamics and Their Aoolication to Engineering. the Dollowing Topics Will Be Covered. Fundamental Concepts: Continuum, Stresses, Viscosity, Scalar and Vector Fields. Fluid Statics. Kinematics.


Physics 1 114051
 OR  Int. to Chemical and Biochemical Eng. 054131
 and  Ordinary Differential Equations/H 104131
 and Physics 1L 114077
  OR  Introduction to Chemical and Biochemical Engineering  054131
 and   Ordinary Differential Equations/H  104131
 and  Physics 1  114051


Contact Hours

Lecture: 3 Hours.

Recitation: 2 Hours.

Credits: 4 Points.