Why Technion:


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Technion is a city of advanced research and learning and the birthplace of many of Israel’s most exciting tech innovations due to its prominent faculty, among them three Nobel laureates, and exemplary structures for campus-wide and national collaboration. The nurturing and inspiring atmosphere at the Technion fosters ingenuity and the pursuit of excellence among its students and has produced a long list of notable alumni including engineers, scientists, physicians, professors, and entrepreneurs.

Technion academic programs have a proven record for educating leaders in science and technology:


  • Technion has been Israel’s primary source of technological manpower which helped conceive and consolidate the modern State of Israel, commonly acknowledged to be the “Start-Up Nation.”
  • Technion has the highest number of foreign associates in the US National Academy of Engineering, one of the highest professional honors accorded to an engineer.


Management & Business

  • Bloomberg ranked Technion in 7th place for producing CEOs of American tech companies with a net worth of over $1 billion, tied with MIT, Rice University, and the University of Texas (2013).
  • 85% of Israel’s technological workforce is employed by companies led by Technion graduates.


Careers in High-Tech

  • According to a recent report, 76% of Technion graduates find jobs in the Israeli high-tech industry, which is responsible for 51% of Israel’s industrial exports. Of these graduates, 25% are CEOs or assistant general managers, 21% fill other senior positions, 10% are team leaders and 12.6% are involved in R&D (2012, Founding Forum for Senior Technology Managers and Researchers).
  • Technion graduates founded and/or lead two-thirds of Israeli companies traded on NASDAQ and have a combined market value in the billions of dollars.
  •  Since the 1980’s dozens of tech giants have set up operations in Israel mainly on and around the Technion campus in Haifa including Google, IBM, Intel, Motorola, Qualcomm, Microsoft, Yahoo!, Hewlett-Packard, and others.
  • Technion’s strategic partnerships include close relations with industry in a wide range of high-tech fields including pharmaceuticals, information and communication technologies (ICT), biomedical engineering, energy, defense, and environmental protection.
  • Collaboration with industry is also expressed in Technion’s educational programs, including internships for students.



  • Technion was listed #18 among the top universities that produced VC-backed founders on a global scale, tied in this spot with Princeton (for its 119 undergraduates-cum-entrepreneurs (2014).
  • Technion recently ranked in 6th place in the world for creating a successful entrepreneurial ecosystem by the first ever comprehensive survey performed by MIT and the Skolkovo Innovation Center (2013).
  • According to a recent statistic, 23% of Technion graduates start at least one new company during their career.


Academic Careers

  • Each year, Technion graduates are accepted to prestigious graduate studies at leading universities including Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Imperial College London, Johns Hopkins University, Cornell University and others.
  • New opportunities are being opened at the Jacob’s Technion Cornell Institute (JTCI) established through a partnership between Cornell University and the Technion in New York City. Read more here: tech.cornell.edu/jacobs-technion-cornell-institute
  • New opportunities are being offered at the Technion Gunangdong Institute of Technology in Shantou China, which will grant Technion undergraduate and graduate degrees. Read more here: int.technion.ac.il/tgit-open-positions


Research Career

  • Technion is involved in collaborative scientific research and outreach projects worldwide, nurturing cutting-edge cooperative discovery. The university has signed memoranda of understanding with more than 200 universities and research frameworks abroad.
  • Technion’s organizational flexibility and rapid response time to scientific challenges has made it a global pioneer in areas including autonomous systems, communications, nanotechnology, optoelectronics, nanophotonics, protein engineering, stem cells and tissue regeneration, energy, cancer, communications, computer engineering, exposure science and environmental health, and systems engineering.
  • Research agreements with international academic institutions include: in the US – Johns Hopkins University (medical), University of Michigan (medical), Yale (economics, homeland security); in Canada – University of Health Network (Toronto), Waterloo University, McGill University; in Singapore – CREATE program of the National Research Fund of Singapore (tissue engineering and stem cell research); Australia – Sydney University (photonics, tissue reenginnering); the European Research Council – 7th Framework Programme (2006-2013) and Horizon 2020 Programme (2014-2020); in France – Universities and Research Institutes Inserm (institute of biomedical and public health) and l’Ecole Polytechnique; in Germany – Technological Universities of Berlin and Aachen, Minerva Centers, Hasso Plattner Institute, and Life Science Network (with 5 German universities); in the UK – Manchester University, Imperial College London, Cambridge University, and the University of Nottingham; and with leading universities in Asia – the Universities of Nanjing, Peking, Tsinghua, Xidian and East China University of Science and Technology, the Tokyo Institute of Technology, and others.

Among the many graduates who are also leaders in Israel’s and the world’s high tech industry are:

  • Yosef Ackerman – Former President and CEO of Elbit Systems (for 17 years)
  • Reuven Agassi – Chairman and Co-founder of Quicksoft which represents Adobe (Israel)
  • Shai Agassi – Past member of the board of SAP International and Founder of Better Place
  • Ruth Alon – Founder of Netvision
  • Tzvi Alon – Former President of NetManage
  • Eli Ayalon – Former Chairman and CEO of the DSP Group
  • Monica Eisinger – Founder and CEO of Mind CTI
  • Lavi Eliaz – Vice President and General Manager of Marvell Semiconductors
  • Arye Finegold – President and Co-founder of Mercury Interactive; Mercury was acquired by HP
  • Dov Frohman – Set up Intel Israel
  • Uzia Galil – One of the founding fathers of the Israeli high tech industry, President of an entrepreneurship and management company
  • Yitzhak Gat – Past General Manager of Rafael and former CEO of the ELISRA group
  • Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski – Founders of ZEND and leaders in the development of the PHP language
  • Israel Keshet – President and CEO of Freescale Semiconductor Israel
  • Moshe Lichtman – Co-founder of Israel Growth Partners
  • Yoelle Maarek – Formerly Engineering Director at the Google Haifa Engineering Center and today Head of Yahoo! Labs’ Israel Research Team
  • Yanki Margalit – Chairman of SpaceIL; known for starting Aladdin Communication Systems; he has Co-founded a VC with Meir Nisanzon (listed below)
  • Dov Moran – Chairman of Tower Semiconductor and founder and past CEO of M-Systems which introduced the disk-on-key
  • Avi Naor – Past President of Amdocs Israel; today, President of ‘Or Yarok’ (Green Light)
  • Meir Nisanzon – Former General Manager of IBM Israel; ; he has Co-founded a VC with Yank Margalit
  • David Polk – President and CEO of AMOS by SpaceCom Satellite Communications
  • Orni Petruschka – Co-founder of Blue White Future (“BWF”) ; Founder of Chromatis
  • Abe Peled – Senior Vice President of Strategy, Video and Collaboration Group at Cisco; he was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award by Digital TV Europe in 2013
  • Eric Paneth – Co-founder, CEO and Director of Orkit-Corrigent
  • David Perlmutter – Former Former Chief Product Officer, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Intel Architecture Group, Intel
  • Kira Radinsky – Co-founder of SalesPredict using advanced events prediction software developed by Radinsky at the Technion
  • Yohai Richter – Former President and General Manager of Orbotech
  • Haim RussoVice President for Engineering and Technology Excellence at Elbit Systems and Chairman of Capital Nature
  • Yossi Sela – General Manager of Gemini Israel Funds – Israel Venture Capital
  • Shlomo Shamir – Chairman of the Board of Directors at RRSat and former President of NICE Systems
  • Itzhak Tamir– Co-founder, President and Director of Orckit-Corrigent
  • Yossi Vardi – Founder of ICQ, considered by many to be Israel’s unofficial tech ambassador
  • Dan Vilanski – Former Chairman of Applied Materials Israel
  • Avigdor Wilenz – Founder of Galileo Technologies
  • Zohar Zisapel – President of Rad Data Communications
  • Ami Arel – Chairman of The Israel Export Institute and former President of Discount Investments
  • David Avner – Former General Manager of Partner Communications
  • Brigadier General (Res.) Pinchas Buchris – Past director-general of the Ministry of Defense
  • Uri Dori – Chairman of U. Dori Investment Group
  • Dr. Levy Gerzberg – Co-founder, President and CEO of Zoran Microelectronics
  • Orey Gilliam – Former CEO of ICQ Israel and BIScience; today he is the President of the Codefuel Division at Perion Network Ltd.
  • Dr. Amit Goffer – Developed ReWalk Robotics that introduced a robotic suit that brings paraplegics the ability to walk, climb stairs and drive
  • Major General (Res.) David Ivry – Chairman of Boeing Israel; past Commander of the Israeli Air Force and Director-General of the Ministry of Defense
  • Lipa Meshorer – Joint Managing Director of Ashtrom Group
  • Shlomo Nehama – Past General Manager of Hapolim Bank; today he is an owner of an investment company
  • Dan Proper – Chairman of the board of Osem Investments
  • Major General (Res.) Amiaz Sagis – Past CEO of Granite HaCarmel Investments; today, CEO of H&O
  • Sammy Segol – Chairman and Founder of Keter Plastic
  • Yair Shamir – Chairman of the Shalem Center and former Chairman of Israel Aerospace Industries
  • Ehud Shiloni – Co-chairman of Analyst I.M.S. Ltd.
  • Avraham Shochet – Former Minister of Finance
  • Oded Tira – Chairman and President of Phoenicia America-Israel
  • Danny Yemin – CEO of Microsoft Israel