Field: Marketing/Sales, Software, Business

Location: Haifa

General Description:
Q-IT’s primary goal is to create a tool that automates everyday activities that normally people waste time doing. Q-IT imagines a world in which people never have to deal with the logistics of planning another vacation or business trip, never have to book another table for lunch, or struggle to meet their friends for a movie. A world where doctor’s appointments, study groups, and engagement parties, are booked and coordinated for people at will and automatically. All the people in the world that are fed up with problems making reservations, planning dates, wasting time on catering to the specific needs of everyone involved, this is for them. All those wonderful and aspiring small businesses out there that don’t have the resources to advertise and build their customer base, this is being built for them.

Company Website

To submit an application please contact: Dana Ben-ari, neubauer@int.technion.ac.il