014104 – Strength of Materials 1

Course Objectives

This course builds on the principles of statics mastered in the course “Introduction to Engineering Mechanics” and will introduce the students to the fundamentals of Mechanics of Materials. This subject covers basic concepts of solid mechanics and mechanical behavior of materials, including stress-strain relationships, beam bending, stress transformation and stability of columns. Structural behavior will be analyzed, along with the material and geometric contributions to the behavior of structures.

Lecture topics

Week Topic
1 Introduction to course; Mechanical property definitions for Young’s Moduli, yields stress, ultimate stress, etc; Hooke’s Law; Stress, strain and deformation: Axial loadin
2 Statically indeterminate problems – axial loading Thin walled pressure vessels
3 Torsion of circular shafts
4 Torsion of general bars
5 Bending stresses
6 Deflections of beams
7 Deflections of beams: conjugate beam
8 Statically indeterminate beams
9 Shear stresses in beams
10 Shear stresses Shear centre for different cross-sections
11 Buckling of columns
12 Transformation of stresses Principal stresses
13 Mohr’s circle Transformation of strains



014103 – Introduction to Engineering Mechanics


E. P. Popov, Engineering Mechanics of Solids, 2nd edition, Prentice-Hall R. C. Hibbeler, Statics and Mechanics of Materials, 2nd edition,

Prentice Hall. F. P. Beer and E. R. Johnston, Mechanics of Materials, McGraw Hill.

Contact Hours per Week

Lecture:3 Hours

Recitation: 2 Hour