Study Abroad in Israel for the Neubauer Internship Experience

study abroad in Israel

One of the best ways to truly experience another country is to become immersed in its local business environment, gaining an appreciation for its unique working culture while developing valuable skills, broadening your perspectives and inspiring new passions. An internship abroad challenges you to adapt both personally and professionally, extending the boundaries of what you are capable of, and demonstrating the types of initiatives and multicultural experiences that are irresistible to future employers.

Participating in the Neubauer Professional Internship during your study abroad at Technion International is an ideal introduction to the unique Israeli entrepreneurial economy. This unpaid work-study experience offers students of all backgrounds the opportunity to work in their field of study or interest, supervised by Technion faculty and an on-site supervisor, as they earn up to three credits for a minimum of 200 hours over a duration of 8 to 30 weeks. It can be taken as part of a Technion academic semester or as a stand-alone program.

Experiencing Study in Israel for International Students

The immense Technion campus is located in Haifa, a busy cosmopolitan port city in northern Israel, on Mount Carmel with stunning views of Haifa Bay. International students are integrated into the Technion community, living in university accommodations with plenty of fun extracurricular activities and excursions happening all the time. You can enjoy beautiful Carmel beaches, stroll through the famous Baha’i Gardens (a UNESCO World Heritage site), and explore the vibrant culture of the country’s third largest city.


study abroad programs in Israel
Haifa is a beautiful and stimulating place to study and work

The internship program nicely complements the Study Abroad Neubauer Spring Semester programs in engineering and science, and entrepreneurship. Technion research internships of up to one year in cutting-edge laboratories are also available. Open to qualified undergraduates with full- and part-time options, students generally enroll in an internship program from January to March before spring classes begin and have the option of continuing the internship following the semester. To obtain the most benefit from the Neubauer program, all Technion visitors, including those who study abroad in Israel, are encouraged to take beginner’s classes in conversational Hebrew language, offered each semester at the university.

Internship Opportunities at Study Abroad Programs in Israel

Haifa features an intriguing balance of high-tech enterprise and the arts, with a thriving start-up community led by innovative Technion graduates. The professional internships are available at companies of all sizes, from small start-ups to multinational organizations like Microsoft operating in Israel. There are also opportunities in government units, within the Technion community itself or even creating your own start-up!


study in Israel for international students
There are all kinds of internship opportunities available at Technion

While students from any field may apply for internships, they are particularly relevant for those with a background in engineering, science, pre-med, and business. It’s a chance to gain valuable work experience in a particular sector, connecting accumulated theory with the application of engineering or scientific principles. Professional internships during various study abroad programs in Israel may count towards the Co-op requirement of your degree and will be accredited Technion academic credits.

Why is Technion the ideal destination to study in Israel for international students?

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