Technion-Lassonde Summer Program: Now in its second year

A student exchange group from the Lassonde School of Engineering at York University, Canada, participated in an intensive entrepreneurship program at Technion this month organized through Technion International and affiliated faculty for the second year in a row.
The program exposes students firsthand to the Israeli entrepreneurial culture and the relationship between academia, industry and innovation through a series of seminars on specific topics (such as cultural diversity in policy design and the Israeli contribution to concepts on economics of innovation), integrated case studies, and start-up simulations. Students also gain practical entrepreneurial skills by working with Israeli business mentors in small groups each week on how to launch an entrepreneurial idea into a start-up. As part of the curriculum, program participants meet with Israeli business leaders, and visit start-up companies in the country’s main high-tech hubs: Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

A group of 21 Lassondians were the first to participate in this unique entrepreneurship program in the summer of 2014. Their enthusiasm and feedback encouraged 24 students to join the three-week 2015 program that ended in June. Upon their return, some of the students posted inspiring reviews, like Amal Dave: “Those three weeks in Israel were probably the best of my life so far. We saw some amazing sights, we learned some very valuable lessons, and we formed some bonds that will last a lifetime. I wish everyone got a chance to experience something as beautiful as this at least once.” This was Amal’s first trip to Israel. Read his full post here.