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HaifaTeenTech – An international initiative for 10-12 grade student, for budding innovators and researchers who wish to be a part of the next generation of High-Tech.

HaifaTeenTech nurtures the new innovator who aspires to put an idea into practice and a plan into action.


HaifaTeenTech is seeking the following attributes in the young innovator: rudimentary knowledge of logic-based subjects – math, biology, physics, and computers as well as technological subjects such as: robotics, mechanics, and a good knowledge of English.

HaifaTeenTech is looking for a group of young adults who consider themselves courageous and believe they possess excellent learning capabilities, characteristics of innovation, and an ability to excel in a team environment.

HaifaTeenTech encourages success through a process of overcoming fears and dealing with them appropriately.

  • Do you consider yourself a young innovator who is capable of developing an ability to adapt to change, to solve problems, and to positively respond to failures?
  • Do you sense an enthusiasm toward new ideas and consider them a challenge to thinking and achievement?
  • Do you consider yourself part of a group of innovators that want to develop  a successful product which will contribute to the health, well-being, and security of the citizens in Israel and worldwide?
  • Does the phrase “proceed as you go” speak to you? This is a setting where you learn to go wrong and fail.
  • As a young innovator on the course of creating a new innovation, will you be willing to get advice and assistance and share the solution with others?
  • Do you feel that communicating with your team colleagues is an opportunity to hear and be heard as part of an intelligent and concrete decision-making process?

If you answered affirmatively to some of the questions and they arouse your curiosity, please fill out the form!

Teen Tech 2019 Flyer