The Buddy Program

Be a Buddy!

The Buddy Program is a volunteer-based program that fosters relationships between International Students and Israeli Students at Technion.


About the Buddy Program

The Buddy Program is about friendship and support. The goal of the program is to assist International Students with everyday life on campus, and to cope with the challenges of the new environment and culture. Each International Student will have an Israeli mentor and Israeli Students will have an excellent opportunity to meet people from other cultures and to improve their linguistic skills.


How does it work?

1 month before the Semester: Students, who wish to join the Buddy Program, need to fill out one of the forms below.

1 week before the Semester: Students receive the name, email and phone number of their buddy and it is time to buddy up.

Beginning of the Semester: Opening Event of the Program

Throughout the Semester: Fun meetings and activities give you a chance to meet all Participants, both Israeli and International students. Participation in the program including most events are free of charge.


Condition: To participate in the program, you must be a student at Technion for at least one semester.

* It is entirely up to you to determine the extent of your involvement and private meetings with your buddy.

**Depending on the number of international and Israeli students, please note that we may not always be able to find you a buddy

If you have any questions, please send an email to

Form for Israeli Students

Form for International Students