TI students tour construction site of future Haifa neighborhood

Twenty-two TI students in their third year of the civil engineering 4-year degree program were given a special three-hour tour of a luxury residential construction site in the new “Neot Peres” neighborhood located near the new Sammy Ofer Soccer Stadium in Haifa on May 18, 2015. The tour, which was conducted at the “Almog Western Haifa Project” luxury apartment complex site which will consist of 288 units in 10 buildings, was given as part of the “Construction Methods” course practicum, offered at the 5th semester of the program. Both the VP of Execution and the Construction Project Engineer are Technion graduates. During the visit, students received explanations about the construction and management methods being implemented in this new building project, some of which are cutting-edge. “We were very impressed with the high level building standards we saw,” said Prof. Zvi Borowitz. “We are very grateful to the Almog C.D.A.I construction group for arranging this visit, and welcome the special ties forming between the construction industry, Technion and academia.”

The Neot Peres neighborhood was named after former Israeli President Shimon Peres. Around 7,000 units are expected to be built in the final phase of the neighborhood, of which 1,700 are already being built. Neot Peres will also include a high-tech park, shopping centers and the offices of the Israel Electric Corporation.