Understanding the Innovation Cycle with Entrepreneur Studies in Israel

entrepreneur studies in Israel

Innovation is the catalyst for progress in any society and is integral to the concept of entrepreneurial success. A majority of the products and services we use every day were the product of entrepreneurial mindsets that dared to disrupt the status quo and introduce important changes to consumer behavior. While developing truly imaginative ideas may come easier to some people than others, entrepreneurship is a skill that can be learned like any other.

Many tech-minded, aspiring entrepreneurs choose to study in Technion’s unique learning environment in Haifa, Israel in the Neubauer American Spring Semester in Entrepreneurship. The advanced program is ideal for those studying all fields of engineering, business, computer science, and other related disciplines, analyzing all aspects of the entrepreneurship ecosystem from both an academic and practical perspective within Israel’s booming high-tech and start-up economy.

Here’s how entrepreneur studies can help you become a successful innovator.

Acquiring Start-up Skills in Entrepreneurship Studies in Israel

Besides learning about the capital formation process and other important concepts related to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial studies are a great opportunity to develop innovative thinking strategies. Every successful start-up idea begins with imagination, brainstorming lists of problems that need solving, envisioning overlooked opportunities for improvement, and determining where creative solutions could make a meaningful difference.

studying entrepreneuship abroad
Every great innovation begins with an idea

Promising ideas are tested for feasibility and cost-effectiveness, which often requires market research, experimentation, refocusing, and partnering with complementary skill-sets. In Technion’s entrepreneur studies in Israel, students go through a mock intensive process of starting a company over the course of three days in preparation for the upcoming semester and the university’s unique start-up spirit. Participants brainstorm ideas, conduct market validation, develop business models, build prototypes, create branding, and pitch their concepts to investors and successful Israeli entrepreneurs.

Studying Entrepreneurship Abroad Provides Unique Benefits

The type of creativity that spawns innovation comes from courageously stepping out of one’s comfort zone to challenge the traditional way of doing something. Information from new connections and circles of exchange inspire exciting ideas, especially insights gathered from journeys to into other disciplines or physical places. That’s one reason why studying entrepreneurship abroad is so beneficial, particularly when it’s in the vibrant innovation hub of Israel, which boasts more start-ups than any other region outside Silicon Valley.

study entrepreneuship in Haifa
Technion students exchange ideas with successful entrepreneurs

Program highlights include stimulating classes in areas of entrepreneurship, innovation and related business disciplines, weekly meetings with entrepreneurs, monthly visits to start-up and high-tech companies, and various start-up simulations—including a simulated Venture Capital presentation. While immersed in Technion’s world renowned academic environment, students have the opportunity to explore Israel’s fascinating business ecology and receive personalized mentoring to help develop their next idea.

Although Israel is relatively tiny in size, it ranks second behind only the U.S. in its number of companies listed on the NASDAQ. A big part of this success can be attributed to Technion, which was recently ranked sixth in the world by an MIT survey for “Creating an Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship and Innovation.” Many of the country’s start-ups are led by Technion graduates. Studying here is often a transformative experience for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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