University of Florida Entrepreneurship Summer program & Internship at Technion

Technion is happy to introduce the University of Florida Entrepreneurship Summer program & Internship at Technion. The program is an 11-week 6-credit combined study and internship program for undergraduate engineering students in Haifa, Israel. The program will take place in Israel to leverage Israel’s status as the Startup Nation of the world. Students will participate in an 8-week internship in various engineering firms. Technion Israel Institute of Technology will coordinate the internship placement for students in high-tech start-up companies closely related to their major field of study. This program will contribute 6 credit hours towards the Engineering Innovation Minor for undergraduates or the Engineering Entrepreneurship Certificate for
graduate students.

The 3-week entrepreneurship course will be taught by the Director of UF Engineering Innovation Institute, Mr. Erik Sander on the innovation culture and practices in Israel.

Program dates: May 20 – August 3, 2018.

The program is open to UF and non-UF students who are interested in enriching their academic career.

For further information about the program, please feel free to contact us at