Why Engineering Students Should Learn Computer Languages on Technion’s Gap Year Program

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Modern engineers often rely on computer coding languages on a daily basis to build software solutions designed to fix problems and accomplish their work more efficiently. Increasingly, having this capability is becoming more of a mandatory skill expected of new entrants to the field.

Of all the ways to learn computer languages while you study to become an engineer, there are few that offer the kind of value to students that is available at Technion International in Israel. In the Civil and Mechanical Engineering specializations on our gap year program, students get to explore the fundamentals of writing, executing, and debugging programs in the C computer language. Curious about why this module is so valuable for a future career? Here are some of the main reasons.

Technion is a Top Institution for Both Engineering & Technology

Training in computer languages like Fortran, which was designed specifically for use in the engineering space, is relatively common in engineering institutions. These languages, however, are rather old and somewhat limited in comparison to more modern, general-purpose options like the “C” programming language. This programming language is often used for data acquisition, controlling robots and other hardware, and for other mechanical or informational tasks engaged in by engineers.

The broad applicability of these newer programming languages is driving their huge increase in popularity in engineering circles, and opening doors to new possibilities in the field. To teach these general purpose programming languages to a high level of capability, however, is something that not all engineering institutions are equipped to do.

Attending Technion International is a compelling solution. The school ranks as one of the world’s top universities in the areas of science, engineering, and technology. Thanks to its strong offerings across these disciplines, it can offer exceptional instruction in computer languages to students who study abroad in its engineering programs. Graduates can expect to have the strong programming skills that today’s employers demand.


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Technion is a tech leader and a perfect place to learn programming


Study Abroad at Technion and Get Inspired by the Surrounding Start-up Culture

There are few things that capture the imagination of students in engineering and technology quite like the success stories of interesting former start-ups. They provide great examples of the powerful potential of skills learned in engineering and tech educations in areas like mathematics, problem solving, and programming. They also serve as good reminders of the kinds of career opportunities that may await skilled graduates of some engineering programs. Studying in Israel, one of the foremost start-up nations in the world, not only offers the opportunity for students to study in a place full of exciting tech-driven companies like these, but to contribute to them, too.

Students at Technion’s engineering college in Israel can take on internships at exciting companies at the forefront of tech and engineering, places where their budding talents in engineering and programming can be put to amazing use. Opportunities can be found at companies working on navigation systems, engineering projects, and in various fields where technological innovation are hugely important. For an amazing introduction to an engineering career where tech skills matter, this is an opportunity not to be missed.


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Technion is perfect for engineering students wanting to get in on the tech start-up industry

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