Why Volunteering is a Crucial Part of Our Gap Year Abroad Program

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Doing a gap year program in a foreign country can be a great chance to learn in a new environment and to explore an unfamiliar and fascinating new culture. It can also offer the perfect chance to get outside of your regular routine and comfort zone and try new things, like volunteering.

Volunteering is an activity that comes with a number of significant benefits for people who take part, allowing them to transform their own lives for the better, while also making a huge difference in the lives of others.

During Technion International’s Gap Year Program, students volunteer once a week during the semester year, as well as undertaking a two-week volunteering experience at an Israeli Kibbutz during their spring semester break. Read on to learn why this represents such an important part of our gap year program.

Volunteering is Associated With Higher Levels of Confidence

Students who choose to do a gap year abroad are often on a mission of self-discovery. As they enter adulthood, they can learn a lot about who they are as people, what they care about, and what they want to achieve in their lives.

Volunteering can be an important factor in this personal growth. It’s an opportunity to do work with a real impact for a cause you care about, or for the direct benefit of other people. It can also help you learn new skills you might never have developed otherwise. As a result of this incredible experience and personal development, it’s not unusual for students to return home from their gap year abroad with far greater self-confidence than they had when they left.

Volunteering During a Gap Year Abroad Can Help You Make Connections

Ask nearly anyone who has spent time living abroad about the highlights of their trip and they will likely say that the people they met on their travels were a major part of what made the experience so special. From local residents of their host city to fellow visitors from all over the world, spending time studying abroad can help you meet people from all kinds of backgrounds, and forge relationships that can last a lifetime.

Doing volunteer work presents a special opportunity to bond with others. Working toward a common purpose with a close-knit group of people can help you develop relationships built on respect and hard work. The volunteering component of the Technion International Gap Year Program is a great way to get to know fellow newcomers and native Israelis on a deeper level, and to let your own genuine self shine through.

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You can make great connections by volunteering while studying abroad

Volunteering While You Study in Israel is a Great Way to Connect With the Culture

Israel has a special tradition of volunteering built into its cultural fabric, making it an ideal way for visitors to connect with the country’s culture. Kibbutzim, small collective communities typically based around agriculture, have long been an important part of this tradition.

At the heart of the kibbutz experience is a simple idea: working to support the other members with whom you live. Volunteering at a kibbutz has become something of a rite of passage for many Israelis, as well as visitors to the country, and is the type of unique blend of cultural experience and social action that you won’t find anywhere else.

Students who choose to study in Israel on Technion International’s Gap Year Program have the opportunity to spend two weeks volunteering at a kibbutz, helping to contribute to the work and becoming a part of this collective community. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience like no other, and a great way to give something back to the local people during your stay in Israel.

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Volunteering with a kibbutz community is a uniquely Israeli experience

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