Pre Departure Information

Pre Departure Information w732 Before your departure, make sure you go through the following check list to ensure you are prepared with all of the necessary forms and documents required by the International School. You may send all this information via e-mail to: Mr. Elnatan Marcus Student Affairs Coordinator Check List:

  1. Sign the Declaration Form
  2. Prepare and send Payments as detailed in the Requirements and Payments section.
  3. Payment Confirmation please make sure you received confirmation for the payment.
  4. Complete Visa Requirements and send it to us along with a copy of your passport and student visa.
  5. Health Insurance – send your Health Declaration form prior to your arrival to Israel.
  6. Cell Phones – send us your Israeli phone number
  7. Arrival – let us know your exact date and time of arrival at the Technion.
  8. Send  a photo of yourself in JPEG format for your student card.
  9. Send your name (first and last) in Hebrew – if you know it.
  10. Bring your doctor’s certificate – to get access to the gym.
  11. Sign and send the Permit Contract for Residence in Student Dormitories form (if Applicable)

It is recommended that you prepare for the Preparation Period using the guidelines provided here