Postdoctoral Fellowships

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Technion offers postdoctoral scholars an opportunity to hone their professional skills, deepen their expertise, expand their research and collaborate with leading scientists in an environment that supports and celebrates excellence. The university’s world-class academic units and centers of excellence cover a wide range of traditional engineering disciplines, exact and life sciences, medicine and architecture, as well as unique multi-disciplinary topics such as nano-science, energy and autonomous systems and robotics.

Students who have completed their doctoral studies are invited to do their Postdoc at Technion. Here you’ll join a vibrant community of culturally diverse scientists from around the world engaged in groundbreaking scientific work.

Technion-Israel Institute of Technology is Israel’s premier center of science and technology education and applied research. It is ranked among the world’s best science and technology universities and is recognized as a global leader in cutting-edge research, innovation and entrepreneurship. Technion scientists have made countless contributions to science, technology and medicine, particularly for their pioneering work in the areas of nanotechnology, life sciences, stem cells, water management, sustainable energy, information technology, biotechnology, materials engineering, aerospace and industrial engineering. In the past decade, three Technion scientists won Nobel Prizes and many others received prestigious awards for their innovative research. Technion’s highly-trained graduates are the engine that drives Israel’s “Start-up Nation” economy. Technion’s powerful synergy with the tech sector in Israel has created an ecosystem of technological innovation, attracting numerous international tech giants such as Google, Apple and Microsoft, and inspiring hundreds of start-up enterprises in Israel and throughout the world. Technion’s success in driving Israel’s high-tech sector convinced New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to choose the Cornell-Technion partnership to establish a new, innovative applied science campus in New York, aimed at being a “game changer” for the city’s tech sector. Most recently, Technion has entered a new partnership with the University of Shantou (STU) from China, in the establishment of a cooperatively run technological university to be named the Guangdong Technion Israel Institute of Technology (TG). Technion’s 13,000 students and researchers study in 18 academic departments and 52 research centers and institutes. As an increasingly globalized university, Technion is developing a variety of international programs, which have attracted a growing number of international students to its culturally diverse student population.

Application Process

    • Graduate students interested in pursuing their postdoctoral research at Technion are invited to search our listing for open calls here or contact the faculty of interest directly – list of Technion Faculties
    • Please note that all Post-Doc visitors must have an academic host. Invitations to post doctoral trainees are up to one year with an option to extend it to up to five years in total. See Regulations for Postdoctoral Fellows
    • Candidates must prepare a file that includes: a CV, a publications list, three recommendation letters, and a short research plan outline (up to one page in length). This file should be sent to the host faculty member or relevant faculty.
    • Check available funding opportunities here

Visas and Pre-Departure Information

As part of your preparation, we suggest you follow the following guidelines when arranging your visa:

• Any visa request requires at least four weeks to be approved by the Israeli Ministry of Interior. The Technion visa coordinator must be contacted at least two months in advance.

• Stays of up to three months can be covered by a tourist visa. Stays of more than three months require either another type of visa or an extension of  the tourist visa to be issued at the Ministry of Interior in Israel.

• Tourist B/2 Visa: Citizens of some countries can receive this visa at Ben Gurion Airport. Check prior to departure whether this applies to you.

• Student A/2 Visa: Students and academic guests can obtain this type of visa to stay in Israel for up to one year.

This visa must be obtained through the Technion visa coordinator. A request form will be sent to you by the Faculty with the formal invitation letter. Review a sample visa application request letter. You may download the visa application form here.

Candidates are invited to contact the Visiting Scientists Coordinator Office for Academic Staff for assistance with their visa processing. Please send an email to Ms. Ayellet Katalan:

Some pre-departure information and housing resources are included in the Academic Visitors Guide. More general pre-departure information, housing and useful information about living in Haifa can be found in the Guide for Technion Academic Visitors


All international postdoctoral fellows are required, upon entering Israel, to present evidence of possessing a valid medical insurance policy for them and their families. They are required to purchase an adequate health insurance policy prior to arrival at the Technion. This is the postdoctoral fellow’s responsibility.

The medical insurance must cover the period they intend to stay at the Technion. As a postdoctoral fellow, you must have a policy that will give you coverage for your entire stay in Israel, that is, a policy with a continuance of the medical coverages from one year to the next. You may purchase insurance in your home country or in Israel. The insurance must include a number of basic components. Therefore, if you purchased your insurance policy in a foreign country, it must cover illnesses and accidents, including a total medical coverage of up to US$75,000 as well as medical evacuation. You must present this insurance policy at the Technion upon your arrival.

We recommend that you to be covered by a local Israeli insurance company, and the most recommended is the Harel Insurance Company, the leading health insurer in Israel.

Harel-Yedidim Insurance Agency, which is a part of Harel Insurance Company, has been operating in the last 20 years at the Technion and in most of the academic institutes in Israel. The long-term health care coverage “Prestige”, the only long term policy in Israel, is offered to the postdoctoral fellows. There is no copay in the medical services.

As mentioned above, the Prestige plan is a yearly policy designed to provide maximum coverage to postdoctoral researchers around Israel. The Prestige plan provides continuous health care coverage from one year to the next. In general, health insurance policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions. The Prestige is the only policy that includes coverage of deteriorating pre-existing medical conditions, up to 1000$. The policy covers within the borders of Israel through a network of clinics spread throughout the country. The premium for the Prestige police is approximately US$ 840.00 per year.

 This insurance plan is offered to you and your family.

 You can apply for Harel-Yedidim health insurance coverage by contacting them directly (better to do it before your arrival).

 Contact Information at Harel-Yedidim:

Mr. Amos Gilboa/ Mrs. Einat Cohen

Tel: +972-3-6386216 ; Fax: +972-3-6874534

Reception hours held at the Technion International 2nd floor.


Housing & Living

Technion’s vibrant campus is located on the pine-covered north-eastern slopes of Haifa’s Mount Carmel. Technion recognizes and supports the unique challenges of its post-graduate students. In addition to providing modern amenities, the university campus also offers a wide range of facilities to suit both students and young families working and living at the university. These include a variety of recreational facilities, numerous outdoor and indoor sport facilities (including an Olympic sized pool), as well as child care and preschool services on campus. Basic living expenses in Haifa, covering food and travel for a single person is estimated at between $550-$600 each month. Off-campus housing near the Technion starts at $450 per month for a studio apartment, not including utilities. A limited number of dorm rooms for post-doctoral fellows are available on campus.

Technion is increasing Social Activities & Initiatives for Postdoctoral Fellows, for more information please contact the social activities coordinator at:  
For more information about the application process write to us at: