Introduction :

Neubauer Professional Internship (for Credit)



Neubauer Professional Internship is offered by Technion International as part of the Neubauer American Semester Program. The program awards Technion credit for professional internships. It is open to qualified undergraduates and offers full- and part-time options. Students can be accredited up to 3 credits, for a minimum of 200 hours over a period of 10-30 weeks.   Alternatively, students can join our Research Internships as part of their Neubauer Experience.

Israel is a great place for interns – there are many excellent opportunities in a relatively small geographical region.

Technion places its interns in various work settings. Intern opportunities can be at leading multi-national corporations (MNCs) like Microsoft, Intel, or HP (and other MNCs involved in high-tech and low-tech activities), at smaller companies like Panorama Software, or even at an early stage start-up like 90Min. We have also placed our interns in companies active in various domains such as clean-tech, software, retail, consulting, and more. In addition, there are opportunities to be had in governmental units (at the Office of the Chief Scientist for example) and within the Technion community itself, working with Technion Technology Transfer (T3) portfolio companies and/or at Technion labs. You can even start your own start-up, with other students if you so wish – the opportunities are far and wide!

For a list of available internship position click here.

For a list of Technion research labs click here.

The Neubauer Intern Experience

The Neubauer Professional Internship program is designed to prepare students to excel in their future academic or professional careers all while taking in Israel’s unique entrepreneurial economy and Technion’s penchant for innovation. It provides a great opportunity for students wanting to gain valuable work experience in a particular career sector, putting into perspective connections between theory and the application of engineering and/or scientific principles. Moreover, immersion in the local business and engineering practices develops skills, broadens perspectives and can inspire life-long passions. The internships, which are unpaid positions, are open to students in all fields but are particularly relevant to students with a background in: engineering, science, pre-med and business. The program may count towards the Co-op requirement of your degree.  You are  advised to take the internship as part of a Technion academic semester or as a stand-alone program.   The internship program is especially suitable to be taken along with the Study Abroad Neubauer Spring Semester programs in engineering and science and entrepreneurship.   Internships may be taken during the academic year (fall, spring and summer semesters).

Student Life:

As part of the program you will have an opportunity to work and study with Israeli students, and gain invaluable work experience, working at a technology company or investigating real-life scientific challenges at a Technion laboratory. International students will easily integrate to student life at Technion, which supports a large multicultural student community. On campus you’ll have access to a wide range of sports facilities (including an Olympic sized pool), and participate in social and cultural programs, lectures and trips around Israel to enrich your study abroad experience. You’ll be invited to an Orientation day, designed to get you acquainted with peers and living essentials in Israel, in addition to the Internship Launch Session at the beginning of the tenure.

For further inquiries:

Program Coordinator:


Academic director: Mr. Oren Glanz
Contact information:
The grade will be based on 4 parameters:
1. Attendance – Completing a minimum of 200 internship hours.
2. Attitude – Way of conduct, level of performance, commitment and approach toward the company staff, as reflected by the hosting company and assessed by the academic director.
3. Submitting a progress report once every two weeks, to the program’s academic director, on the following matters:
a. Amount of hours completed
b. Activities done at the company (in bullets)
c. Difficulty level of the tasks given to you
d. Quality of work with the hosting company – How effective is the support you get from the company? Are you working alone or with someone? Are you receiving well defined and explained tasks? Do you receive help when needed? Add anything else that you wish to report.
e. Is there any need for assistance from TI at this point?
4. Impression of the hosting company
Interns are enrolled to this course for the duration of their internship, as part of the spring semester at Technion.

Guidelines for Interns

Extracurricular Activities – Includes trips around Israel, working and studying with Israeli students, laboratory and research experience, working at start-up companies and meeting technology entrepreneurs. Students may also take one Technion academic course during their internship.

Housing – Students may arrange for off-campus housing through Technion International. Internships’ locations are  typically situated in the vicinity of Haifa (in the region between Caesarea and Yokneam), where housing will be arranged. Housing costs are 800 USD per month. 

Conversational Hebrew for Beginners: Technion International, together with the Department of Humanities & Arts offers a beginner’s conversational Hebrew language course for international visitors. The course is offered each semester and is open to all students and visitors to the Technion (including postdocs, sabbatical visitors and spouses of visiting scientists). Students will learn the Hebrew letters, vocabulary and basic language and grammar structures, and will acquire elementary reading, writing and communication skills to use during their visit. The course will be taught during the semester.

Course Duration: 14 weeks (4 academic hours each week, taught in the afternoons).

Cost: NIS 1,100.

If you are interested in this course, please send an email to:



Undergraduate students with a minimum GPA of 80/3.0 and above are welcome to apply. Internships should be applied for at least 3 months in advance. Keep in mind that the application deadline for the January Term (Spring Semester)  is November 1st (for the Internship portion). 

As part of the admission process, candidates will undergo an interview. The duration of a placement must be minimum of 10 weeks and positions are assigned on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. The Neubauer Professional Internship entails a minimum of 200 hours of work, which can be completed on a full-time or part-time basis. Students who would like to combine their internships with the Study Abroad Neubauer Spring Semester programs (offered in engineering and scienceentrepreneurship, and introduction to medicine for example), may conduct the internship either prior to the start of the semester or following the end of the semester (full-time). The internship can also be conducted during the semester (part-time).


To begin your application process, click ‘Apply Now,’ to launch the online application system. 

Your application package must include the following documents:

  • Two letters of recommendation.*
  • A personal statement outlining why you want to study at Technion and intern in an Israeli company.
  • Resume with passport size picture.
  • Transcripts (original or approved copies).
  • $ 60 (USD) non-refundable application fee.
  • Students from non-English speaking countries must submit their TOFEL/IELTS scores.

*An original copy must be sent to the Admissions Office directly from the recommender.

** Opening of the program is contingent on the number of registered students.

*** The program is subject to changes, at the discretion of TI.

All forms and documents relating to your application should be sent to the program coordinator at

Admission decisions will be based on a close evaluation of each application on a case-by-case basis. An emphasis will be placed on the academic performance of each candidate.

Program Costs

Please keep in mind that internships are unpaid positions and that Technion does not cover living or travel expenses.

Application Fee (non-refundable) 60 USD
Internship up to 12 weeks 3,000 USD
Internship between  12-30 weeks 5,000 USD
Internship as part of NEUBAUER Semester 1,500 USD



(per month-based on dorm availability)

300-800 USD


*Prices are subject to change.

**Please note that program costs do not cover applicants’ airfare to and from Israel.