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HaifaTeenTech – An international initiative for 10-12 grade students; for developing innovators and researchers as the next generation of High-Tech industries.

Dates: July  12 – 19,  2018                                                                  

This initiative is aimed to expose young technological entrepreneurs to the advantages of the state of Israel and of the city of Haifa as a scientific and technological world center. Young, willing, highly motivated boys and girls that have “what it takes” to confront face to face with cutting edge digital technology may take part in this endeavor. The journey to Israel and the participation in the competition will be the beginning of an ongoing, intellectual and emotional bond. Those who will chose to participate will be exposed to the very best of minds in Israel, the ones that made it what is known today as the start-up nation.


To Apply: http://www.haifateentech.co.il/


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liora@haifateentech.co.il  /   Liorask@gmail.com


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Students with Robots in Laboratory


Technion – Israel Institute of Technology invites high school students in grades 10-12 to be innovators! This international program develops innovators and researchers as the next generation of High-Tech industries. Come tour Israel, participate in a Hackathon competition, and explore the Start-Up Nation’s greatest High-Tech companies!

HaifaTeenTech nurtures the new innovator who aspires to put an idea into practice and a plan into action. We are seeking the following attributes in the young innovator: rudimentary knowledge of logic-based subjects – math, biology, physics and computers as well as technological subjects such as: robotics, mechanics and a good knowledge of English.

Participants of the HaifaTeenTech will receive a signed certificate by Nobel Laureate and Technion Professor, Prof. Avram Hershko.

Come join in the experience of a lifetime and become an innovator in Israel’s most prestigous university!

Tuition: $1,000
Includes tuition, trips, activities, meals, accommodation, transportation, and sightseeing. *Does not include Airfare


The deadline for applications is May 15 , 2018. All applicants will be interviewed via Skype.

For more information, please email us at Teen-Tech@int.technion.ac.il



Schools from around the world chose their candidates. A committee, headed by Nobel Laureate Prof. Avraham Hershko, and comprising top researchers and academic representatives, will choose candidates based on technological achievement, social activity awareness, academic recommendation and community endorsement.

60 young adults between the ages of 16 and 18 years of age will take part in Teen Tech 2018 half of whom will be International participants. Over the course of 10 days, teams will get to know one another, experience life in Israel and Haifa, meet scientists, researchers and representatives of Technion and Rambam Hospital, as well as Hi-tech start-up companies.

International participants will be hosted by Israeli participants and their families. Participants will be divided into mixed work groups. Each group will be assigned a mentor, and given a mission to generate and promote innovative solutions to medical and healthcare issues. The competition will be refereed by a
professional committee of the highest scientific level.

All participants will be invited to continue the innovative activity in a virtual technological incubator designated exclusively for alumni of this program. This “exclusive club of young entrepreneurs” aims to encourage ongoing relationships between participants and mentors after the completion ends. Selected participants will meet Prof. Hershko for a Q & A session.

HaifaTeenTech Program

12.7 – Arriving to Haifa – Opening Ceremony

13.7 Tour of North Of Israel

14.7 Walking tour and activities in Haifa

15.7 Professional visits in Haifa (including Technion)

16-18.7 Hackaton

18.7 Closing Ceremony – Haifa

19.7 President Residence Ceremony

19-21.7 Optional Weekend at Jerusalem and Dead Sea (at extra charge)


All content in the program is built, reviewed and approved by content committee that consists of: Technion and Haifa University representatives, Head of education department of Haifa municipality, science teachers and members of high tech industry (Intel, Phillips, IBM and more)

 President of the program is Nobel laureate Prof. Avraham Hersko.