Short Term Programs:

Customized Study Programs

As the nation’s top technological institute and one of the country’s leading tech start-up incubators, the Technion plays a leading role in building and leading Israel’s world-class tech sector and in shaping tomorrow’s innovators.

Technion partners with peers from leading universities to enrich students’ knowledge in specialized fields of engineering and science, entrepreneurship and innovation, water technologies and innovation, and other related areas.

These programs are customized to suit our partner’s requirements and integrate academic studies with practical field experience in a tailored curriculum that correspond to the academic goals set out by the home university. It is designed for future innovators who aspire to move ideas from concept to commercial success. Studies can be fully provided by Technion or in partnership with the visiting faculty.

* Opening of the program is contingent on the number of registered students.

** The program is subject to changes, at the discretion of TI.  

Program Features

  • Tailored curriculum that meets our partner’s academic requirements.
  • Combines academic studies with practical field work 1-4 weeks in length
  • Designed for groups of up to 30 students
  • Includes exciting extracurricular activities around Israel so that students will also have an opportunity to learn about the country’s rich history and unique culture

Examples of current and past programs

Entrepreneurship & Innovation (4 weeks):

This program focuses on entrepreneurial dynamics and examines Israeli entrepreneurial culture or “success formula” for creating a business environment ripe for innovation. Related subjects such as idea processing, crowd funding and entrepreneurial finance, social networks, big data, negotiations and others are explored through integrated case studies, start-up simulations, round table panel discussions with entrepreneurs, investors, policy makers and students, and site visits to start-up companies in Israel’s main high-tech hubs: Haifa, Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Water Technology and Innovation (2 weeks) :

The curriculum focuses on the relationship between academia, industry and government that has contributed to Israel’s successful water-conservation industry. Faced with water scarcity and a growing population, the Israeli government enacted policies and advanced technological initiatives to maximize the country’s limited water resources. The result is a green and blooming environment, paralleling waterrich nations: Israel has successfully implemented desalination projects, operates one of the world’s best water supply systems, has one of the highest wastewater reuse rates, and is a leading developer and exporter of agricultural and water technology products.

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