Preparatory Period

Preparatory Period (Mechina)

About the Preparatory Period

Students arriving for a full BSc program at Technion International are required to pass a pre-academic preparatory period before being officially accepted to the faculty for academic studies.

The preparatory period is 17 weeks long, August – December.

The preparatory period (or Mechina in Hebrew) is a collaboration between Technion International and the Pre-university Education Center of the Technion.

Academic Program

The academic program during this period includes three subjects:

  1. Math
  2. Physics
  3. Hebrew

Studies at the preparatory period are pre-academic; they do not award students with any credits towards their studies at Technion.

Attendance in class is mandatory and will be supervised by the teaching staff and the Pre-University Education Center’s staff.

Required Grades

In order to pass the preparatory period and continue to academic studies at the faculty, students must obtain the following:

  1. A final grade of at least 70 in each subject (Math, Physics and Hebrew)
  2. Have an average of 75 or higher in Math and Physics.


During the preparatory period, the Pre-University Education Center are managing the weekly schedule, exams schedule and quizzes schedule.

The full schedule, including midterms and final exams, is available on the relevant Google Calendar.

Please note – the calendar is updated every Thursday for the following week.

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