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Visa Application

All visa requests require at least four weeks to be approved by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs .

A2 Student visa/A4 dependent visa with a work permit in Israel:

As a rule, students are not allowed to work in Israel. However, in certain cases, international students may obtain a work permit, if one of the following applies:

  1. Students who qualify under the Law of Return.
  2. Graduate students/ post-doctoral fellows may work in a part-time position as a teaching assistant in Technion
  3. PhD/post-doctoral fellow’s spouse

All applications will be submitted at the Ministry of Interior’s office in Haifa through the Technion.

Hi-Tech Work Visa:

Hi-tech Israeli companies can submit work visa applications for current international students and recent graduates who studied in certain “hi-tech professions”. The relevant fields are: Electrical engineering, electronics, information systems engineering, computer science, mathematics, statistics, optical engineering, data science, physics, exact sciences and medicine. Further information can be found here (in Hebrew).

To find the nearest Israeli embassy or consulate, please visit HERE

Health Insurance

All Technion International students MUST have full Israeli health insurance coverage while in Israel.

The health insurance policy must be finalized prior to your arrival in Israel. We recommend Harel-Yedidim Medical Insurance.

If you are an Israeli citizen and you have state medical coverage, you are exempt from purchasing medical insurance upon providing proof of medical coverage.

The insurance offers a yearly plan for 365 days, coverage within the borders of Israel, and, if needed, doctor visits at your dorm room 24 hours a day without extra cost.

The Prestige Policy is a policy with continuance of coverage from one year to the next as long as you will renew it before the policy expires.

The medical services are provided by Clalit Health Services with clinics in Haifa, and throughout the country. 

There is a Clalit Health Services clinic on campus, for your convenience. 

You can visit the family doctors at the clinic on campus as well as at the clinics around the Technion.

The Prestige policy costs NIS 11.90 per day, for policyholders under the age of 65*.

*Prices are subject to change. 

Note: The policy does not cover pre-existing medical conditions. Some pregnancy tests are included in the policy, however births are not included. Technion has signed an agreement with Rambam hospital for Technion students and spouses. For further details please contact

For more details on insurance issues please contact:


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