Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

Technion offers exchange and study abroad programs for both incoming and outgoing students

Technion Israel Institution of Technology is internationally recognized as one of the best engineering schools in the world. Along with academics, Technion has prioritized international relations and programs that allow students to experience programs around the world. Technion has arranged over 200 partnership agreements with schools around the world and has designed exchange and mobility programs with over 60 schools internationally.

Types of Programs Offered:

  • Inbound
  • Outbound
  • Guangdong Exchange

Student-Exchange is a program that allows students to study at a foreign university who is an exchange partner of the Technion, while paying regular tuition to the Technion.

Study-Abroad is a program that allows students to study at any foreign university (not exchange partner) while paying full tuition to the foreign university.

Partner University is a university with whom the Technion has signed a collaboration agreement. Some partner universities include student exchange agreements, allowing students to visit in a Student Exchange program. Student exchange agreement might include all Technion Faculties or might be only with specific faculties within the Technion.

Want to join our Buddy Program?

The Buddy Program is about friendship and support. The goal of the program is to assist International Students with everyday life on campus, and to cope with the challenges of the new environment and culture. Each International Student will have an Israeli mentor and Israeli Students will have an excellent opportunity to meet people from other cultures and to improve their linguistic skills.

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