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Student Exchange חילופי סטודנטים

Outgoing Students at Technion

Technion undergraduate students can expand their horizons and their academic experience by spending some of their academic study time abroad.

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Technion Student Exchange Program allows undergraduate students spend a semester or a year abroad at Technion Partner Universities, and use such studies as partial credits toward their Technion degree.

Go to our global partners page for updated information on exchange opportunities.

It could be of assistance when deciding on your desired host university.

Students must apply for studies abroad through the Student Exchange Coordinator. Students who are considering signing up for a Technion Student Exchange program must apply in the fall semester of the academic year prior to their expected travel. Every year Technion International organizes a meeting for Technion student interested in studying abroad.

Please contact the  Student Exchange Coordinator: outgoing@int.technion.ac.il |

The presentation shown during the outgoing students assembly can be found here.

Before starting – get familiar with the following definitions

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  1. Student-Exchange is a program that allows students to study at a foreign university who is an exchamge partner of the Technion, while paying regular tuition to the Technion.
  2. Study-Abroad is a program that allows students to study at any foreign university (not exchange partner) while paying full tuition to the foreign university.
  3. Partner University is a university with whom the Technion has signed a collaboration agreement. Some partner universities include student exchange agreements, allowing students to visit in a Student Exchange program. Student exchange agreement might include all Technion Faculties or might be only with specific faculties within the Technion.
  4. Home Faculty refers to the faculty at the Technion where the student is studying and registered.
  5. Host University refers to the foreign university in which a student visits and studies either in a Student Exchange or a Study Abroad program.

Download the Check-List for the Outgoing Student here

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Eligibility for the Student Exchange Program

Before applying for an exchange program, we recommend that you review the following requirements:

  • Undergraduate students applying for an exchange program must have completed at least four semesters of studies at Technion.
  • Undergraduate students must return to Technion for at least one semester of studies. This usually means that students in a four year program can go abroad for their 5th, 6th or 7th semester, and students in a three year program can go abroad for their 3rd, 4th or 5th semester.
  • Undergraduate students in Science and Engineering must have a cumulative average of 80 or above. Architecture students must follow the Faculty’s regulations and eligibility requirements.
  • Graduate students must have completed at least two semesters of study at Technion, and have the approval of their advisor and of the Graduate School prior to applying.
  • Students must have no previous disciplinary issues at Technion.
  • Technion International (TI) and the applying student will follow the application instructions of the Host University.
  • In order to be accepted to an outgoing students program, students must take one of the courses offered by Technion International in English. Students must first approve the course with their home faculty.

Dates and Deadlines

Universities abroad maintain their own deadlines for applications. Students must check online for the application deadlines for desired Host Universities and must supply application materials to the outgoing students coordinator at least 4 weeks in advance.

  1. Application deadline for the Exchange Program are:

Application deadline for engineering and sciences: December 6th, 2018.

Application deadline for architecture: December 13rd, 2018.


2. During the month of January, TI will send a confirmation that a student is eligible for studies in a university abroad.

3. TI will send the nomination to the Host University according to its deadlines. Generally speaking, application for winter semester occurs during spring, and vice versa. The application is done by the students and they are responsible to meet the requirements and deadlines.

4. The Host University will send confirmation of acceptance to TI and/or to the student directly, according to its own procedures.

Fees and Charges

  • All fees will be charged through students’ tuition accounts.
  • A non-refundable one-time processing fee of 190 NIS is charged for processing of a student request to study at a foreign university.
  • Late applications will be accepted only upon availability and will be charged a late-application-processing fee of 300 NIS.
  • Students cancelling their application for the program after their request has been processed will be charged a 300 NIS cancellation fee.
  • Students cancelling their participation for the program after they have been accepted to the Host University will be charged a 650 NIS cancellation fee.
  • Students visiting partner universities (on a Student Exchange program) pay tuition fees to the Technion. They may be required to pay additional payments such as a processing or administration fee to the Host University.
  • Students visiting a non-partner university (a Study Abroad program) must take a leave of absence from Technion. They pay the required tuition and any additional fees to the Host University.
  • ALL students are responsible for medical and travel insurance.
  • ALL students are responsible for costs of travel, visa, dorms or housing, books, food and all other costs abroad.
  • Students are responsible for the costs of any additional exams required by the Host University (e.g. TOEFL).

Application Process

In order to apply for the exchange program, students must submit TWO HARD COPIES OF EACH of the following documents via email AND in person:

  1.  TWO COPIES of the completed approval form, signed by the Academic Advisor for outgoing students at your Home Faculty;
  2.  Complete Application Form.
  3.  TWO COPIES of an up-to-date transcript of grades in English;
  4.  TWO COPIES of your resume (CV) in English;
  5.  TWO  COPIES of a Letter of Intent, describing your study goals at the university abroad and a statement about your suitability to represent the Technion overseas;
  6. Two current passport pictures

In order to apply for the exchange program, please have your academic advisor for outgoing students sign the approval form at the “Faculty Approval “ section.

For more information please contact the Student Exchange Coordinatoroutgoing@int.technion.ac.il |

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Technion International’s Outgoing Students Office is happy to assist Technion students to experience an academic internship abroad or join one of the internship program offered by our Partner Universities. The application process is not via the regular exchange, but determined by the host institution.

Below is a current list of internship programs open to Technion students. If you have found other programs of this kind that interest you, we would be happy to hear about it and assist in ever way possible with the application process. Please contact the Outgoing Students & Academic Relations Coordinator.

Academic Internships

Technion students can experience an internship in a research lab at one of our Partner Universities. Students are expected to find an academic host to supervise them during their internship (students can usually get assistance from their Faculty or from faculty members in this matter).

An academic internship requires no additional tuition, and it is a great way to enrich your resume (CV). The timetable is flexible, and depends on availability of both the supervisor and the intern.
For more information please contact the Outgoing Students & Academic Relations Coordinator.

IAESTE Israel welcomes you to an interesting, worthwhile, successful and productive stay in a different country. We anticipate that you will regard your IAESTE traineeship not only as a summer job, but as a unique opportunity to explore other countries, their way of life and culture. The IAESTE Israel office is located at Technion. For more details, click here

LifeScience Internship Program
The “Life Science Network” is an agreement signed by Technion and five German universities (Dresden, TUBerlin, Hannover, Hamburg and TUM), that offers the opportunity for undergraduate students at their final year of studies, graduate and PhD students to join one of the participating institutes for a 4 – 6 week research stay. Each student is supported by a grant of € 1000 by the German Technion Society (Deutsche Technion-Gesellschaft e.V. – DTG). For more information please contact the
Outgoing Students & Academic Relations Coordinator.

TIX International Entrepreneurship Internship program in Taiwan:

Jacobs TIX Institute at National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan welcomes young, aspiring entrepreneurs at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology
to apply for this international interns scholarship. The goal of this program is to support students who have the fervent desire to gain start-up knowledge and experiences by this overseas internship.

TIX institute will grant up to 18K ILS to each of selected Technion students coming to Taiwan. The deadline for application this year is May 31.

For More information, please refer to TIX website:


Tales from Abroad

Tales from Abroad Studying abroad provides a double benefit for students: in addition to the academic benefits of a study experience at a university abroad and strengthening language skills, students experience tremendous personal growth. We encourage our out-bound students participating on exchange programs to share with us their experience – for the benefit of other Technionites thinking about applying for an exchange program abroad.

First in GIST – My Amazing South Korean Experience

Tales from abroad 1Written by: Shereen Sirhan, Student at the Faculty of Industrial Engineering and Management “I enjoyed every minute of my stay in Gwangju: I learned many new practical skills in the laboratory, and gained more academic experience and proficiencies. I met new people, enjoyed interacting with them, discussed different issues and learned a lot from our similarities and differences. The internship was very useful for me on many levels. Therefore, I strongly recommend other students to try this experience, and hope they will enjoy and learn as much as I did.” Continue reading…

Writing Contest

During the month of August 2013, TI ran a prize-winning contest for students willing to share their exchange program experiences. The winning articles won an indulging breakfast for two. We were happy to receive many articles from our students. Read the two winning stories below:Tales from Abroad

Time Goes By Fast When You’re Having Fun

Written by: Shachar Peretz, Student at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering “Over the past six months I’ve experienced many things ‘for the first time,’ for example, my first Passover in the snow, running in temperatures below 10 degrees, no more ‘Sunday Blues’, and not to mention the first time I ever celebrated my birthday outside of Israel without surrounded by family and best buddies.” Continue reading…

Tales from Abroad

An All Canadian Greeting

Written by: Amin Yassin and Igor Groshkin, Students at the Faculty of Architecture & Town Planning “During this trip we had the opportunity to make lasting professional relationships with Canadian architects and succeeded in getting their recommendations and support for our chosen professional paths. For us this yielded future prospects such as acceptance for an internship position at the prestigious SOM offices in San Francisco three months after we returned from Canada!” Continue reading…