Our Staff

Mrs. Ronit Lis-Hacohen, Managing Director

Tel: +972-77-887-3325
Email: ronitlh@technion.ac.il

Mrs. Hadas Shafir-Shekhter, Marketing Director

Tel: +972-77-887-1732
Email: hadass@int.technion.ac.il

Mrs. Giselle Rotman, Director of Operations (on leave)

Tel: +972-77-887-1853
Email: giseller@int.technion.ac.il

Mrs. YokeTyng Frechtel, Recruitment & Marketing (Asia) (on maternity leave)

Tel: +972-77-887-1750
Email: yoketyng@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Adele Hen, Recruitment & Marketing (Rest of the World)

Tel: +972-77-887-1897
Email: marketing@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Yulia Goltsman, GTIIT Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1344
Email: gt-coord@int.technion.ac.il

Mrs. Ortal Arazi Minyan, Finance and Purchase Coordinator

Tel: +972-4-829-3531
Email: ortala@int.technion.ac.il

Mrs. Bat-el Almogy, Academic  & Industry Relations Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1883
Email: academic@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Dana Ben-Ari, Academic Relations and Outgoing Students Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1749


Ms. Dorit Shalem, Academic Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1459
Email: undergrad@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Ania Rivera, Online Marketing Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1748
Email: recruitment@int.technion.ac.il

Mrs. Orna Nagar-Hillman, Coordinator of Research Visitors and Academic Study-Tours

Tel: +972-4-829-2964
Email: research1@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Michal Kesary, Student Affairs Coordinator & Visas Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1852
Email: students@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Noa Bentor, Social Activities Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1765
Email: social@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Carrie Golan, Guidance Counselor

Tel: +972-77-887-1735
Email: guidance@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Galit Rozman Bitton, Administrative Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1736
Email: office@int.technion.ac.il

Ms. Maya Nachon, Study Abroad Coordinator

Tel: +972-77-887-1912
Email: neubauer@int.technion.ac.il