Special Partnership for Indian Students


Academic Programs Offered:

  • BSc in Civil Engineering
  • BSc in Mechanical Engineering

Enrollment costs:

1.      $100 non-refundable application fee
2.      $500 registration fee

* Opening of the program is contingent on the number of registered students.

** The program is subject to changes, at the discretion of TI.

All exchange and visiting international students are registered through the Technion Office of Undergraduate Studies.

For information about becoming a Technion International student, please contact the Admissions Offices directly: apply@int.technion.ac.il

Course Credit Points

Full-time students typically take around 16-20 credits per semester. One academic lecture hour is 50 minutes long.

  • One weekly lecture hour per semester = one credit point
  • One weekly tutorial hour per semester = 1/2 credit point
  • One weekly laboratory hour = 1/3 credit point

Semester Schedule

Each semester is comprised of 13 weeks of teaching, followed by a 4-week exam period.

Grade Distribution:

  • Grades are on a percentile scale (0 – 100).
  • Passing grade: 55
  • Student Probation: average grade under 65 (4.5% of students)
Grade Scale:
A Excellent 90-100
B Very Good 75-89
C Good 65-74
D Sufficient 55-64
E Failure 0-54


Seeding Top Notch Training of Future Scientists, Yielding Long-Term Success

Technion Graduate School offers graduate students from all over the world an opportunity to join a graduate studies program at Technion. Technion is one of the highest ranked universities in science and technology and applied research in the world. In recent years, Technion scientists, engineers and researchers have spearheaded new technologies and innovative approaches to scientific challenges, having become known for its top-notch instruction, high level of research, mentors and graduate students. Studying abroad at Technion provides you with a unique opportunity to earn your MSc or PhD degree in a supportive and stimulating multidisciplinary environment, and join the vibrant community of culturally diverse scientists from around the world engaged in groundbreaking scientific work at cutting-edge facilities.

Irwin and Joan Jacobs Graduate School

Technion’s Irwin and Joan Jacobs Graduate School offers graduate studies in all of Technion’s academic units, including academically-challenging teaching and research activities within the various faculties of the Technion that cover engineering, exact sciences, life sciences, medicine and architecture, as well as unique multi-disciplinary topics such as nanoscience, energy and autonomous systems and robotics. Most courses of study and research offer thesis and non-thesis tracks leading to MSc, ME, MBA or PhD degrees.

Graduate School website: http://www.graduate.technion.ac.il/eng/

Please contact the International students coordinator, prior to applying, at: IntGrad@technion.ac.il

Departments who committed to conduct classes in English:

Chemical Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering
Education in Science and Technology
Aerospace Engineering
Computer Science
Electrical Engineering
Medical Science

In all other departments, reading materials, for most classes, is in English and assignments and tests may be submitted in English, with an advance coordination with the lecturers. All professors, as well as most teaching assistants are fluent in English and can offer assistance if necessary.

Summer Programs:

Summer School of Engineering & Science

Academic Dates: July 29 –August 23, 2018

Enrollment costs:

1.      $100 non-refundable application fee
2.      $500 registration fee

Program Details

The Summer School in Engineering & Science is an opportunity for outstanding undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world to enhance their academic profiles with a rigorous and challenging academic experience at Israel’s oldest university and premier center for science, technology and applied research.

Students may enroll in one advanced course chosen from a variety of engineering and science fields in addition to one academic course on Israeli culture. These advanced courses are taught by Technion’s top level faculty in English at cutting-edge facilities.

Scholarships for excellent students from China and India are available (not applicable to Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan candidates).

The program is open to senior undergraduate students (approaching Senior year), graduate students (MSc/PhD), and recent graduates. Outstanding sophomore undergraduates students may apply but should be aware that the program is highly competitive and requires a strong background in the chosen course, for this reason senior applicants may be given precedence.


Upon successful completion of the program students will receive 4-5 Technion academic credits. 2-3 credits for main selected course and 2 credits for Israeli culture course. students will receive Technion academic transcripts.


Below you will find courses you may choose from our Summer School of Engineering & Science: 

Program includes one engineering/science/architecture course from the list below + Introduction to Contemporary Israeli Society

Electrical Engineering-Computer Science

Image Processing and Analysis – EE/CS

This course is a fundamental course in digital image processing theory. During the course we explore the basic tools for processing and restoring of gray-level images. We discuss the basic aspects of lossless/lossy image compression and the use of transformation in image processing.

Introduction to Machine Learning– EE/CS

Chemical Engineering – Biotechnology Engineering

Sensors and Nanotechnology

Nanotechnology and sensors is a course for people who are interested in learning about novel sensing tools that makes use of nanotechnology (a technology that relies in the regime between one to hundred nanometers, viz. billionths of the meters) to screen, and monitor various events in either our personal or professional life.

Professors assistant: Ms. Meital Segev- meitalse@campus.technion.ac.il

Aerospace Engineering

Distributed Space Systems

Course expose the participants to the emerging technology of distributed space systems, a concept of distributing the functionality of a single spacecraft between several closely-flying satellites.


Landscape and Environment

This course offers an introduction to contemporary urban landscape architecture in the Israeli context, exploring the environmental and social issues that shape the design of public space.


Advanced Inorganic Chemistry

Course will teach fundamentals of inorganic and organometallic chemistry and the impact on catalytic processes.

Education in Science and Technology

The Web as a Learning Environment

This course takes the students through a journey on how learning and instruction have evolved in the past two decades and the challenges facing education in the 21st century. In this course, students will be acquainted with state-of-the-art innovations in digital learning and advanced cloud-based pedagogy.


Introduction to Contemporary Israeli Society 

This course seeks to unravel the complexity of the Israeli political, social, and cultural aspects and provide tools for understanding the uniqueness of Israeli society and peoples. Students will read and discuss issues such as religion and democracy; ethnicity and nationalism; cultural diversity; gender, media and popular culture. The course introduces Israel’s contemporary society through a holistic approach using lectures, films, and discussions.

Scholarships for Students from India

This program is highly subsidized by the Israeli government and Technion.

Summer School of Engineering & Science: Scholarship may cover academic tuition as well as housing.

BSc programs: Scholarship is accredited to the cost of tuition only.

Please note that the scholarships are not applicable to Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan candidates.


All students will reside at Technion Senate dormitories (Upper Block Dormitory). Each apartment has 3 rooms, 2 students per room, joint bathroom, toilets and kitchen.

How to Apply

Click Apply Now to launch the online application system.

The online application will prompt you to provide the following:

  • Official transcript
  • Personal Statement: explaining your motivation for applying to the Summer School of Engineering and Science and detail previous academic background on the selected course(up to 1 page in length).
  • Recommendation letter
  • CV (Resume).
  • Passport-sized photo.
  • English proficiency test such as the TOEFL/ IELTS/ CET 6/CET 4 is mandatory

Please Note: A non-refundable application fee of $50 (USD) is required with your application.

* Opening of the program is contingent on the number of registered students.

** The program is subject to changes, at the discretion of TI.


Technion International

Mauerberger Building, 2nd floor

Technion City, Haifa

3200003, Israel

Any questions may be forwarded to our Admissions Coordinator, summer@int.technion.ac.il

Admission decisions are based on a close evaluation of each application on a case-by-case basis, with emphasis placed on each candidate’s academic history.

English Proficiency

Applicants are required to demonstrate English proficiency prior to enrollment. Applicants from countries where English is not the primary language may be required to undergo a brief interview to assess their level of English

Support & Assistance

Technion International trains student guides to assist visiting students with a wide range of questions and issues. The Technion International team also organizes special events, trips and activities open to all international students on campus, that enrich their study experiences in Israel.
Additional information about life at the Technion is available here


Before entering the academic program, all students must check their eligibility status for a student visa (type A2) with the Israeli embassy or consulate in their country of origin.



Partnership and Exchange

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