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SciTech Summer Program

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SciTech 2023 Summer Program

The Technion is excited to announce the SciTech 2023 Summer Program for International youth! We invite you to join this unique program in which you will develop your entrepreneurial skills and knowledge in fields which are on the frontier of science and technology, including robotics, space, biotechnology and food engineering!

The program will take place between July 17th – August 10th, 2023 in Haifa, Israel.

Program outline

The SciTech program, which is being offered in conjunction with the Israel National Museum of Science, Technology and Space, offers students the chance to participate in an exciting program of discovery and innovation which includes workshops in cutting-edge scientific fields such as robotics, space, biotechnology and food engineering, physics and more. The program will offer students the chance to develop their entrepreneurial skills and mindset through participating in a hackathon in which they will identify and prototype solutions to real-world problems they face. In addition, students will gain exposure to the Technion’s faculties and research capabilities and will have the chance to meet with some of the Technion’s top professors.
Beyond the academic elements of the program, participants will partake in a social program which will include sightseeing trips in Haifa and around Israel, lectures, movies, sports and cultural activities. The program will also provide opportunities to discover the multifaceted culture and history of Israel.

What will you gain from participating in SciTech?

• Enhanced knowledge and understanding of leading research fields including robotics, space, biotechnology, food engineering and more
• Entrepreneurial and innovation skills gained through practical experience of working on real-life problems
• Exposure to the Technion’s faculties and leading professors
• Developing personal connections with youth from around the world
• Understanding of Israel’s culture, society and history

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