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Health Insurance

Health Insurance w732

All Technion International students MUST have full Israeli health insurance coverage while in Israel. 

If you are an Israeli citizen and you have state medical coverage, you are exempt from paying the medical insurance cost upon providing proof of medical coverage.

Technion International recommends Harel-Yedidim Medical Insurance

Harel-Yedidim is an insurance company specialized in health insurance (health, health care insurance, travel insurance), general insurance (car insurance, home insurance, liability insurance, mortgage insurance, and credit insurance), life insurance and so forth.

Harel-Yedidim Medical Insurance

When choosing Yedidim, we recommend that you come to Israel with travelers insurance covering you for your first 3 days in the country, in case you get sick or have an accident, as the insurance becomes valid only 48 hours after landing in Israel. Harel-Yedidim offers two kinds of medical insurance policies for foreign students and scientists in Israel: the Prestige policy and the UMS policy. both policies provide you with coverage all around Israel, and you can request a doctor’s visit to your dorm room 24 hours a day, if needed, free of charge.

The differences between the two insurance policies are as follows:

The UMS policy is a short term policy that can be purchased for up to one year. The Presige policy is an annual long term policy which is designed for students who arrive to Israel for a period of one year or  more. This policy has continuity of  the medical coverage from one year to the next.

In both policies the medical services are provide by Clalit Health  Services . The Clalit Health Services has clinics at locations all over the country, as well as in the city of  Haifa. The Clalit Health Services  allows you access to the medical clinic located on campus.

The daily premium for the UMS policy is 1.90$ per day up to the age of 65.

The daily premium for the Prestige policy is 2.40$ per day up to the age of 65.

Note: Payment may be done by credit card or in cash (USD or NIS).

If you need any help, write an e-mail to

Property Insurance

Technion International strongly recommends arranging property insurance while studying here, to cover any loss or theft of valuables during your visit. The Harel-Yedidim representative can arrange such insurance as well.

Accident Insurance

Students registered at Technion should also have adequate accident insurance coverage, which is the student’s responsibility and should be arranged prior to the student’s arrival.

The Student Association fee, included in the fees you pay, includes the compulsory basic accident insurance*, which is provided by the Student Association during the academic year only. If you intend to arrive to Technion prior to the start of the winter semester or remain beyond the end of the spring semester, you should consider arranging for accident insurance coverage for the period during which you are not covered by the Student Association’s policy.

* The basic coverage provided by the Student Association policy is minimal and includes: NIS 80,000 for fatal accidents; up to NIS 130,000 for permanent total disability; NIS 450 per week (up to one year) for temporary total disability. You may take out a supplemental policy that will provide more adequate coverage.

Hospitals in Haifa

Rambam Health Care Campus
6 Ha’Aliya Street

Carmel Hospital
7 Michal Street

Bnai-Zion Hospital
47 Golomb Street

Elisha Hospital
12 Yair Katz

Assuta Hospital
20 Habarzel Street

Horev Medical Center
15 Horev Street