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Student Visa

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The student A/2 visa is intended for students who have been admitted to an educational institution in Israel. Students who are entering Israel in order to participate in an educational program must apply for a student visa.

Visa Application

You must apply for a Student Visa at the Israeli Consulate in your home country.

Information for Non-American Students Studying in the US

Please note that students who are not U.S. citizens but who are currently living and studying in the United States should consult with the U.S. Department of Immigration prior to leaving the United States. Your status upon return to the United States should be verified prior to departure in order to avoid problems upon your return.

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You may also contact our Visa Coordinator at

Visa Extension

Visa Renewal or Extension – if you have a student visa (type A2), you can renew or extend your visa at the Ministry of the Interior (Misrad Hapanim), located at Government building, 15 Pal Yam Street, Kiryat Hamemshala, Haifa.

In order to request an appointment to renew or extend your student visa at the Ministry of Interior, you will need to contact the Technion International’s Visas Coordinator,  at least a month in advance of your renewal date.

To obtain or renew a visa you will need the following items:

    • An official letter from the Technion stating that you are a student of the institute
    • Visa extension forms (obtained when contacting the visa coordinator)
    • Your passport and current student visa
    • 2 passport-sized pictures
    • 180 – 360 NIS (prices change by type of visa, details below)

If possible, ask for a multi-entries visa. That will allow you to re-enter Israel if you leave the country at any point while your visa is valid. A multi-entries visa costs 360 NIS.
If you are issued a standard student visa, it will immediately expire if you leave Israel, even if the visa hasn’t expired yet. A standard visa costs 180 NIS.

** Please make sure not to miss your appointment, as they are difficult to reschedule. If you have any specific conflicts, make sure to let the Technion International staff know before arranging the meeting.

Download a Visa Extension form here

Consulates and Embassies – To find the Foreign Mission from your home country in Israel, visit the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs