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Monthly Newsletter: Technion international staff sends out monthly updates to the students regarding activities, trips, events in Haifa and around Israel, and more.

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Monthly Campus Activities: Students participate in monthly activities throughout the school year. These include movie nights, special lectures, day trips, hikes, group dinners, and more.

Unique to Technion is “The Wednesday Noon Happening,” when all teaching stops for two hours while Technion City celebrates with music, arts and crafts fairs, and a lively student marketplace. This weekly event gives students a chance to take a break from their busy academic schedules, and it provides the perfect opportunity to meet with friends and mingle with the diverse groups of people on campus.

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Be a Buddy!

The Buddy Program is a volunteer-based program that fosters relationships between International Students and Israeli Students at Technion.

The Buddy Program is about friendship and support. The goal of the program is to assist International Students with everyday life on campus, and to cope with the challenges of the new environment and culture. Each International Student will have an Israeli mentor and Israeli Students will have an excellent opportunity to meet people from other cultures and to improve their linguistic skills. For more information, click here.

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