Technion Living:

Your New Home

Your new home w723

Welcome to your new exciting home!

Students at Technion International can expect a rich and rewarding experience on campus. Technion is home to students from all over the world, with a diverse multicultural atmosphere that creates a vibrant, open and welcoming environment on campus.

Technion offers international students a wide variety of weekly athletic, social and cultural activities as well as top notch recreational facilities like state-of-the art media centers and a full-service gym offering daily workout classes and an Olympic-sized pool. With restaurants, cafes, banks, shops, a medical clinic, supermarket, school supply shop, laundromats, easy access to public transportation and student center within easy reach, the university campus has been named “Technion City.” We know it won’t take long before our city becomes your home away from home.

Unique to Technion is “The Wednesday Noon Happening,” when all teaching stops for two hours while Technion City celebrates with music, arts and crafts fairs and lively student marketplace. This weekly event gives students a chance to take a break from their busy academic schedules, and provides the perfect opportunity to meet with friends and mingle with the diverse groups of people on campus. Check out our students Facebook group for more activities here.

Students who are passionate about the performing arts can participate in the annual Talent Contest hosted by the Student Association (ASAT), which gives Technion students an opportunity to show off their creative gifts, in dance, song or theater.

Fans of new media and concerts will enjoy the Canada Community Center, a modern multi-purpose complex with a 120-seat lecture hall, TV and film screening rooms, fully equipped music room, a computer center and an outdoor plaza mostly used for live music performances.

Student singers can lend their voices to the Technion Symphony Orchestra and Choir, a popular extracurricular activity supported by academic credit and orchestra scholarships. Those who prefer to listen to music, rather than perform, can enjoy regular classical and contemporary music concerts on campus.

Dancers can join Technion’s Folk Dance Troupes, an acclaimed troupe that performs often on campus as well as at national and international events.

Individuals on the lookout for something beyond the activities offered on campus will discover that Haifa is a picturesque and dynamic city draped over the perennially green Carmel Mountain, facing the Mediterranean Sea , with comfortable temperatures even in summer. Students can enjoy the lovely Carmel beaches, stroll through renowned garden including the famous Baha’i Gardens and enjoy modern entertainment in the country’s third largest city. More information on Haifa can be found here