What to Expect From Engineering College in Israel

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If you have an itch for adventure, but still want to ensure you get a great education, you may be considering studying abroad in Israel. The country’s institutions of higher education offer great schooling at a fraction of the cost associated with attending an American university, and do so in a location that is new and exciting for many of the international students who choose to study there.

Wondering what the experience of studying in Israel will be like? Here’s a look at some of the important things you can expect from an Israeli engineering college.

Study in Israel & You Can Enjoy a World Class Engineering Education

One of the most important benefits of choosing to attend engineering school in Israel is that the quality of the country’s education is exceptionally high. For students interested in learning engineering in particular, a school like Technion International in Haifa presents a particularly promising opportunity. It is consistently ranked as one of the top 100 universities in the world, and was in the top 75 universities for engineering in the 2016 Shanghai rankings.

Attending a school that is internationally recognized for its quality, and that produces graduates with exceptional levels of scientific skill and understanding, is an excellent strategy for students hoping to make fast progress toward a rewarding career. Choosing to study engineering abroad in Israel offers the chance to accomplish both.

It Can be a Good Introduction to Exciting Internship Opportunities

Israel is one of the world’s great successes in science and technology. It has one of the most active and thriving start-up landscapes in the world, with companies operating in the fields of computer science, engineering, and many other areas eager to find great new talent for their organizations. Israel’s universities can also be found at the forefront of innovative research in fields relating to science and technology.

Attending a top engineering college in Israel can provide you with valuable exposure to these communities, and could even help you secure a valuable internship experience in the sector. It’s a great chance to bolster your resume and gain experience in a world-renowned hub for exciting developments in science and technology.

engineering college in Israel
Great internship opportunities await engineering students in Israel

Attending Engineering College in Israel Gives You the Opportunity to Grow

An education abroad is an opportunity to learn not only about the topics which you pursue in classes, but also about a different culture, and about yourself. A survey conducted by The Institute for the International Education of Students found that 97 percent of those who studied abroad believed it helped make them more mature, and 96 percent believed that it made them more confident. Additionally, 82 percent claimed taking the opportunity to experience another culture helped them view the world in a more sophisticated manner.

International students who choose to study in Israel have ample opportunity to get out and explore all that Israeli culture has to offer. From excursions to interesting cities and locations, to cultural events hosted on their campus or in their host city, a student from abroad can expect their time in Israel to be full of cultural enrichment and personal discovery. It’s an experience unlike anything one could hope to gain by studying in familiar surroundings.

study in Haifa
Studying in Israel is an opportunity to grow and mature

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