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Academic Programs

Academic Programs

The following is information regarding the courses at Technion International.

MALAG Courses

All Technion students are required to accumulate at least 6 credits of humanity courses during their undergraduate studies.

These credits include the following courses:

324879 Issues in Contemporary Israeli Society (2 Credits)
324880 Archaeology of Israel (2 Credits)
324881 Topics in the History of the Jewish People (2 Credits)
324463 History of the Middle-East (2 Credits)
324282 Politics of Identities: A Multicultural Perspective on Israeli Society (2 Credits)
324299 Terrorism, Jihad and State Response (2 Credits)

Sport Courses 

All Technion students are required to pass at least 2 sport courses during their undergraduate studies. Information about the different sport courses will be sent with each semester’s schedule.  

Total Number of Credits

The required amount of credits for each class is mentioned in red on the top of the academic program. the mandatory courses do not necessarily amount to the required number of credits, students must check if they need to take additional elective courses.

Minimum Accumulative Average

Students are required to have an accumulative average of 65 or higher in order to be eligible to graduate. 

Guidelines for transferring to Hebrew speaking programs here

Academic programs: 

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