Outgoing Technion Students

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Outgoing Technion Students

Technion invites students to expand their horizons and their academic experience by spending parts of their academic careers abroad.

Technion Student Exchange Program allows students to spend a semester abroad at one of Technion’s Partner Universities and receive partial credits toward their Technion degree.

Students must apply for the study abroad program through the Student Exchange Coordinator.

You can apply to up to 5 universities. We suggest that you apply to universities from a range of different academic levels to ensure that you will be accepted into at least one of your chosen schools.

There are only a few GE3 places available for Technion students, so we recommend that you apply to a few schools that are in the GE3, but also universities that are not. If we are not able to place you in any of your top 5 universities, we might ask you to choose again.

The application process occurs once a year.

You must apply in the Fall of the year before you want to study abroad for both Spring and Winter semesters.

This means that students need to apply during their 3rd semester in order to do a semester abroad during their 5th or 6th semester.

For more information regarding the requirements and process, please review the following:

In order to decide which university is the right choice for you, Technion International recommends reviewing the following information:

  1. Course catalog – Does the university you are interested in offer courses that are relevant to your degree?
  2. Semester dates – Which semester is most suitable for your travels, taking your studies and the Technion semester dates into consideration?
  3. Cost of living – Will you be able to afford the cost of living in the city where the host university is based?

To answer these questions, please visit the “Incoming Exchange” section of the host university’s International Office website.

You can find a list of our Partner Universities here:

You can find a list of the Erasmus+ Partners here:

Learn more about Erasmus here: (link to FAQ)

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If you cannot find the information you are looking for, feel free to fill out this form, and someone will help you

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