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Academic Regulations

 Academic Regulations

For regulations concerning academic distinction please see the Technion Undergraduate School Academic Regulations below (page 18).

Retaking Courses
  • Students can retake courses in order to improve grades up to 2 semesters after passing the course.
  • The last grade is the final grade.  Lower, higher, failing or incomplete, the grade submitted when retaking a course is the new final grade.
  • Students must note that the midterm date, exam dates, and weekly schedule might not fit their schedule when taking a course with a different class.
  • Students must check with the lecturer what their obligations are in terms of attendance in classes or midterms, homework submission, etc.
  • Requests to add or drop a course can be made by the end of week 3 of each semester.
Improper Academic Status
  1. At Technion, a student is considered to be in an improper academic status when the student’s overall average is below 65, and/or their success rate drops below 0.66%.
  2. Students in an improper academic status will be brought to the attention of the academic director and may be required to follow a mandatory academic program, which will set the requirements for them for a certain semester.
  3. Not complying with a mandatory academic program will lead to a hearing with the faculty’s academic committee, which will discuss the continuation of the student’s studies at Technion.
  4. The academic director has the right to decide the way to address the student’s academic status and will decide if and when to require a mandatory academic program. Students may be asked to comply with a mandatory program without having the mentioned above average and success rate. 
B Exams

Technion holds two exams per subject (unless told otherwise by lecturer or syllabus).
A student is advised to take the A Exam and only if needed, attend the B Exam to try and pass the exam / improve their grade.
The last grade is the final grade, NOT the higher grade. When taking the B Exam, the grade of the A Exam is automatically replaced. 

Transcripts and Certificates

Students can find all the Transcripts and Certificates here

Exemption Request

Students may ask to be exempt from courses based on previous studies.

Please submit the request to, using the attached form – Exemption Request.

Attach the syllabus and the official grades of the course.

For Technion Undergraduate School academic regulations click here.

For Technion Undergraduate School Disciplinary Regulations click here.


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