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Academic Support Systems

Academic Support Systems

Official Transcripts

Students may log-in to Student’s Services System  for copies of their official transcripts in English. 

Upgrade System

Technion Students may find their grades for midterms and final exams, along with scans, on the Upgrade website.
The password and username needed to access this website is the same as used when accessing Technion emails.
Please find instructions on how to request a scan of exams or midterms here.

Important highlights:
• Every scan costs 5 NIS– it will be deducted directly from your bank account.
   If you don’t have this amount in your account, it will lead to very high interest fees, much higher than the cost of the scan.
• Be sure to fill out your full information on the cover page at the exam. The exam can’t be scanned without it.
• Note that when writing with a pencil, it’s possible the scanner will not be able to read your handwriting. Therefore, be sure to use a pen only.

Moodle System

Academic materials for courses are available on the Moodle website.
Through this website, lecturers and TAs can publish messages, add grades, and circulate scanned materials or homework assignments.
Students will be enrolled to the relevant Moodle websites before each semester automatically.
If there is a problem with enrollment, please contact TIs Academic Office, at

Filmed Courses

Technion offers students the option of viewing many of the lectures and TAs online, to make sure students have the best tools to understand the material and succeed.
All courses are available in the following link: Multimedia Section.
Courses which are offered in English have an English title. It is also possible to search the course number on the search bar at the left.


Contact Us

For open questions, please contact us and we will get back to you.



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