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Counseling Services

University studies provide you with many opportunities for personal growth and independence. Yet having to acclimate to a new environment, both socially and scholastically, may also lead to pressure and stress. Sometimes these challenges can be overwhelming and may trigger emotional vulnerabilities, especially for international students embarking on a journey far from home.

Here at the Technion International we are here to help. Our trained staff provides professional individual counseling for issues ranging from academic problems to personal matters. Group sessions are also offered for help with time management and learning strategies.

We are committed to providing discrete and confidential counseling services which respect the dignity and values of all people.

Counseling services are offered to undergraduate students from the preparation period through their entire academic stay at Technion. Graduate students are also invited to make an appointment as needed.
Our services include:

  • Assisting students to adapt to life in Israel and integrating into life at the Technion
  • On-going counselling and emotional support
  • Referrals/facilitating access to campus resources (tutoring)
  • Guiding students with time management skills, organizational tips, and learning strategies
  • Initial counselling for students in crisis or with acute difficulties
  • Facilitating the process of acquiring accommodations needed for students with learning disabilities

Learning Differently – a guide for new students at the Technion 

 To make an appointment or for more information please contact the guidance counselor at:

Security and Safety

Technion International takes the safety and well-being of its students very seriously.

The university operates a 24-hour monitoring system that always includes a network with security guards stationed at the university entrances and security units patrolling the campus grounds. Although there are occasional security tensions in Israel, in the nearly 93 years of its existence, Technion has never suffered a security breach. International students are provided with updated security information and instructions about staying safe during their orientation program and throughout the year. Organized trips around Israel offered throughout the year are run in conjunction with the relevant security authorities. We want our students to get to know Israel, feel comfortable, and stay safe while traveling on their own, which is why we suggest that they let our administrative staff know of their plans to leave Haifa so that we can assist them in their travel plans. Our students’ safety and security is our top priority.

Read more about Technion International Regulations.

Read more about Technion COVID-19 Regulations.

Emergency Numbers

 Security & Safety – Technion operates a 24-hour monitoring system that includes a network with security guards stationed at the university entrances and security units patrolling the campus grounds. To date, Technion has never suffered a security breach.


24 Hour Emergency Hotline: 04-829-2222

Main Gate: 04-829-4242

Office: 04-829-2494

First Aid

For Medical Emergencies dial 101 from any phone.

The campus medical clinic has an on-call doctor. The clinic (part of the Clalit Health Service provider) is situated in the Ullman Building.

Haifa has three excellent hospitals and many medical clinics.

Hospitals in Haifa:

Rambam Health Care Campus: 04-854-2222

Carmel Health Care Center: 04-8250211

Bnai Zion Health Care Facility: 04-8359359


Dial 100 from any phone anywhere in the country.

Fire Department

Dial 102 from any phone anywhere in the country.

Directory Assistance (Bezeq)

Dial 144.


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