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Exchange Programs Outgoing

internship Program w732Spend a semester or a year abroad studying at one of Technion’s Partner Universities. Information regarding the application process for Technion Student Exchange programs can be found here.

Opportunities for international exchange are listed below:


École Polytechnique, France

Technion undergraduate and graduate students are offered an opportunity to carry out a 3 to 6-month internship in laboratories of École Polytechnique through the institute’s Internship Program for International Students. The program is open to students at the following levels:

    •  Undergraduate: Bachelor’s students in their 3rd or 4th year
    • Graduate :  Master’s students in their 1st or 2nd year
    • PhD students

Courses are offered in a range of subjects as listed here.

Students apply directly via an online application form. Information about admission to the program as well as instructions for applying can be found here.

The application deadline is January 29, 2016.


Jacobs Startup Competition (JSC), Germany

Jacobs University Bremen welcomes students from all around the world with promising business ideas to take part in its international “Jacobs Startup Competition” to take place between March 11-12, 2016. JSC is an extensive mentorship program that runs for about two months during which time participants learn how to grow their entrepreneurial ideas. At the end of the program students present their ideas in front of VCs, accelerators and professionals at JSC’s final event in Germany, and compete with the other teams for cash prizes.

The deadline for applications is the 13th of December 2015.

More information is available on the program website and Facebook page: https:// www.facebook.com/jacobsstartupcompetition


University of La Verne (ULV) and the California State University, Northridge (CSUN) Summer/Winter Scholarship Program

The University of La Verne (ULV) and the California State University, Northridge (CSUN)offer undergraduate and graduate students an opportunity to attend intensive programs in Administration, Communication and Business English in the United States. Students are supported by an extensive scholarship program, covering 70% of the expenses of the chosen course.
For more information about the courses, credit transfer, costs and application process, please download the Program Brochure.

The International Parliamentary Scholarship (IPS)

The German Bundestag collaborates with the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Freie Universität Berlin and Technische Universität Berlin to run its international parliamentary scholarship scheme. The IPS gives well qualified young people with a strong interest in politics from the USA, France, Israel and Central, Eastern and South Eastern Europe the opportunity to gain first-hand experience of Germany’s system of parliamentary government and experience the significance of friendly cooperation based on shared political and cultural values. The scheme involves fifteen-week work placements with Members of the German Bundestag in Berlin. The participants are introduced to the wide variety of tasks carried out in a Member’s office. For example, they may find themselves drafting speeches, articles and letters or doing preparatory work for plenary sittings. The scholarship-winners are chosen by the German Bundestag’s independent selection panel. .

Eligibility Requirements

      • University degree
      • Very good knowledge of German
      • Under the age of 30 at the start of the scholarship

Scholarship Details:

      • 450 euros per month
      • Free accommodation
      • Insurance and travel expenses

Application Deadline: June 30. For more information, please contact the Student Exchange Coordinator: outgoing@int.technion.ac.il |  077-8875570


Global E3 is a consortium over 60 schools of engineering in 18 different countries including Australia, USA, UK and more. For a list of members see here Global E3 students are able to study for a fall semester only, or a full academic year. Students can take engineering courses abroad,  while paying tuition to the Technion. Completed courses will be awarded academic credit by the home faculty.

GE3 members also offer many summer programs for students.

For the full list of 2017 summer programs, please click here.

Who is eligible for GLOBAL E3? You are eligible if you:

– Are currently studying engineering or computer science.

– Have language skills requirements in English or host campus language.

– Have been approved to submit an application by your home university.

For more information, please contact the Student Exchange Coordinator: outgoing@int.technion.ac.il |

NESA Undergraduate Exchange Program

The Near East and South Asia Undergraduate Exchange Program (NESA UGRAD) program of the Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs by the U.S. Department of State will award scholarships to outstanding students from countries of the Middle East, North Africa, and South Asia for one-year of undergraduate, non-degree studies programs in the United States at a diverse network of accredited two and four-year institutions. Participants will be enrolled full-time and will live on-campus with an American roommate. Please note that participants will not be able to select a host institution and placements will not be changed. Possible fields of study include, but are not limited to, the humanities, arts, social sciences, mathematical science, natural and physical sciences, and applied science. Community Service: To expose participants to the principles of community service and social responsibility in the United States, NESA UGRAD participants will be required to perform a minimum of 20 hours of community service at local organizations during their first semester.

Part-Time Internship: Internships provide an essential opportunity for participants to gain professional experience and skills that can be applied to their future careers in their home countries. NESA UGRAD participants will be required to intern between 8-20 hours per week during their second semester. Each participant’s internship must be related to their field of study. Internships will be unpaid and take place in the local community.

Eligibility Requirements

      • Must be a citizen, national or permanent resident qualified to hold a valid passport issued by the country from which the applicant is applying.;
      • A student completing his/her final year of secondary school or enrolled in first, second, third, or fourth year full-time undergraduate study at the time of application at a registered academic institution in his/her country with good academic standing
      • Fourth-year students must have an additional term of study to complete at their home institution upon completion of the NESA UGRAD program.
      • Between the ages of 18-25.
      • Able to begin the academic exchange program in the United States on the initial date (TBD).
      • Able to receive and maintain a J-1 visa;
      • Committed to returning to his/her home country after completion of the program;
      • Proficient in spoken and written English at the time of application; it is recommended that participants have a minimum TOEFL score of 500 for placement purposes.

For more information & application forms click here. Read a student’s blog about their exchange experience in Canada during winter 2011 here. You may also contact  the Student Exchange Coordinator: outgoing@int.technion.ac.il |  077-8875570

internship Program w732