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Faculty of Aerospace Engineering

Field of Research
MSc and PhD positions available at the Arc-Tunnel facility Be a part of cutting-edge research on:
  • Arc-heated plasma diagnostics
    • Plasma spectroscopy
    • High-current and voltage measurements
    • Analytic calculations
  • Hypersonic flow diagnostics
    • Laser interferometry
    • Shadowgraph imaging
  • Hypersonic flow simulations
    • Run simulations on commercial codes such as COMSOL and FLUENT
    • Develop in-house custom-made codes for specific experiments
    • Combine fluid-dynamics with plasma physics
  • Thermal protection systems for hypersonic flight
    • Test special materials for thermal protection systems
    • Run experiments and simulations on material ablation
    • Study materials exposed to extreme temperatures

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Dr. David Yanuka

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