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Our lab seeks to understand the causes for diabetes and find alternative cures for the disease. We aspire to uncover the mechanisms that lead to formation of insulin producing beta cells during embryonic development, and apply our findings to find new ways to direct the differentiation of human embryonic stem cells into functional beta cells, as a source for transplantation. We also learn how the immune system is recruited to destroy beta cells during the events that lead to type 1 diabetes, and look for markers for early diagnosis of the disease. Our lab uses a wide range of advanced technologies, including single cell RNA sequencing, robotic high throughput screens, lightsheet microscopy and more. www.sharonlab.com

MSc and PhD positions: We are looking for outstanding and curious students who are interested in taking part in cutting-edge research about the islets of Langerhans and diabetes. Our questions include: How do islets acquire their shape? How can human embryonic stem cells make better beta cells? Can beta cells divide? What causes diabetes?
Students must have background in any field of biological research. Computational skills are an advantage, but NOT a requirement.

Assist. Prof. Nadav Sharon
Email: nadavsharon@technion.ac.il

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For open questions, please contact us and we will get back to you.



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