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Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Field of Research
Our multidisciplinary team of researchers work on the following topics: 1) Algorithm development for Wearable Systems (programming skills advantage python/Matlab/microcontroller software development) 2) PCB EE design, manufacturing, and firmware 3) App (iOS/android) development for motion tracking, activity, and rehabilitation. 4) Vibrotactile Feedback Systems 5) Big data- motion data collection and machine learning analysis. 6) Subject recruitment and testing (athletes/military/muscle-skeletal problems). 7) Patient pain and function analysis.

Postdoc fellows and PhD students open positions: The lab is experimentally and computationally oriented and therefore candidates are required to have good computational abilities and programming skills.
The lab’s research focuses on biomechanics and human motion analysis with the goal of finding biomedical applications and interventions to correct ambulatory mechanics and orthopedic disorders.

Dr. Arielle Fischer

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