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Virtual Open day for Graduate and Postgraduate programs at Technion


The researchers at Technion have always been at the forefront of developing new technologies, tackling the challenges of the future with new approaches.

Join our Virtual Open day to learn more about Technion Graduate and Postgraduate programs, about the research opportunities in Biotechnology, Food Engineering Biomedical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and other.

Meet Technion faculty, meet our program advisors and find out all you need to know about applications and scholarships.

Date: June 1, 2022

Watch here:


Introduction: Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Yael Yaniv, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies, Faculty of Biomedical Engineering

Single Molecule Biophysics and Bio-Nano Technology Lab

Prof. Amit Meller, Head, Single Molecule Biophysics and Bio-Nano Technology Lab

In vivo Multi-Scale Imaging Laboratory

Dr. Katrien Vandoorne, Head, In vivo Multi-Scale Imaging Lab

Q&A session


Introduction: Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Avi Shpigelman, Vice-dean of Graduate studies, Faculty of Biotechnology and Food Engineering.

Biotic/Abiotic Interfaced Systems for Biosensing and Enhanced (Bio)Catalysis

Asst. Prof. Omer Yehezkeli, Head, The Lab of Nano-Bio Interfaces

From Understanding Food Digestion to Personalized Food Solutions

Assoc. Prof. Uri Lesmes, Head, The Lab of Food Chemistry & Bioactives

Q&A session


Introduction: Wolfson Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Assoc. Prof. Oz M. Gazit, PhD. Deputy Dean of Graduate Studies,

Head, The Laboratory for Heterogeneous Catalysis and Advanced Materials

Automated Chemical Kinetic Models

Asst. Prof. Alon Grinberg Dana, Head, Fundamental and Applied Chemical Kinetics Group

From Drug Delivery to Cellular Communication. Targeting Diseased Tissue the Cell Way

Asst. Prof. Assaf Zinger, Head, Lab for Bioinspired Nano Engineering and Translational Therapeutics

Q&A session

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