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International students have the option to live in on-campus housing. On our modern campus, student dorms include six-person apartment units that consist of a shared kitchen and bathroom. Bedrooms are shared, equipped with 2 beds, 2 closets and 2 desks.

No linen or kitchenware is provided.

Dorm rooms are limited and must be arranged at least 3 months in advance through Technion International.

On-campus housing is not guaranteed, but all students accepted to the program may apply. More information about housing, including affordable off-campus options, can be found below:

On-campus housing on the main Technion campus (science and technology complex) consists of 6-person apartments; in each apartment there are 3 bedrooms for 2 roommates each. These units are designed with a shared kitchen and bathroom.  Students receive on-campus accommodations based on the program they are in.

  • Bedrooms are equipped with a bed, a closet and a desk. Linens are not provided.
  • Kitchens come with a gas or electric burner and refrigerator. Microwaves, stoves and kitchenware are not provided.
  • All apartments have wireless internet.
  • Electricity and internet expenses are paid for separately.
  • There are laundromats equipped with washers and dryers in every dorm village.
  • All dorm rooms are non-smoking; each building has a terrace where smoking is permitted.

Dorm rooms are extremely limited. Request for on-campus housing must be submitted at least three months in advance, through Technion International.


On-campus housing rates for students starts at $320 per month, depending on the dorm village; if eligible, payment for the dormitory  varies  according to the program.

Other Housing Options:
Locations close to the Technion campus include Neve Shaanan, Ramot Remez, Ramat Alon and Nesher or Ramot Yitzhak.
You can search for a rental apartment via:

  • Craiglist–  apartments for rent
  • Israelet–  short-term vacation apartments
  • Forcheimer guesthouse on campus, can be reached at +972 (0)4 829 2429
  • B&B in Haifa
  • Couchsurfing– a network that connects travelers with locals and can provide short term housing.

You may want to discuss with your host, options for short-term housing until you find a more permanent arrangement.

Students Dormitories Regulations

Authorization Contract for Residence in the Dormitories

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