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Opening an Israeli Bank Account

All students coming to Technion International are required to open an Israeli bank account. This enables the Technion’s Student Accounts Department to charge you for tuition (undergraduate students), housing (dorms), as well as electricity, water and internet, which will be charged according to your usage. All charges will be deducted directly from your bank account.

If you or the person responsible for your payments already has an Israeli bank account, you will not need to open a new one.

During the first week at Technion, all freshmen students must open an Israeli bank account and sign all the forms mentioned below, as well as the promissory note, in front of Technion’s legal advisors. This meeting will be coordinated by Technion International.

All students must complete the following forms:

  1. Tuition and other fees declaration for Technion International students
  2. Promissory note
  3. Authorization to debit a bank account
  4. Authorization contract for residence in the student dormitories

All the forms must be submitted together to the Technion Student Accounts Department.

Programming Fees

The following are descriptions of several common fees. The list is not inclusive, and all fees are subject to change without notice.

The on-campus housing rate is 1,250 NIS per month. 

Rent is divided into two periods: 1st-15th and 16th–end of the month, regardless of your day of arrival.

Campus fees: 570 NIS for the winter semester/485 NIS for the spring semester.

Deposit: All students will be charged 800 NIS as a deposit fee. The Technion Student Accounts Department will return your deposit once you have completed your clearance procedure.

All payments for housing and fees are to be paid separately from tuition and need to be transferred directly to the Technion Student Accounts Department. On-campus housing payment must be paid for the entire period of your stay in NIS . The procedure will be fully explained upon your arrival.

Please make sure to schedule an appointment with the Technion International Student Affairs Coordinator ( upon your arrival to take care of all the administrative aspects of your stay.

Student Tuition and Campus Fees*

*Subject to change 

The annual tuition fee is $15,000 US dollars. This amount does not include the additional campus fee of US $320 (1,105 NIS).

The tuition for Technion International undergraduate programs will be charged by the Technion Student Accounts Department. Payments will be transferred directly from each student’s Israeli bank account in NIS.

All payments must be made in NIS. 

Tuition is to be paid in four installments:

Due Date Tuition Campus Fees Additional Fees Total Payment
September 14th
$215 (for Summer and Winter Semester)
November 14th
April 14th
$105(for Spring Semester)
June 14th

*** This amount does not include housing or utilities (electricity, water and internet – charged according to usage), which will be paid on a monthly basis.

*** Additional charges may be incurred.

  • Two weeks prior to the date of payment, you will receive an email from the Student Accounts Department containing the details of the required payment and your bank details. All students must have the required amount in their bank account in NIS.
  • It is your responsibility to make sure that you have at least 1,000 NIS in your Israeli bank account at all times to avoid fines.
  • Students are welcome to contact the Technion Student Accounts Department or the Student Affairs Coordinator at Technion International with any questions or if any problems arise.

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