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Faculty of Physics

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The Bose-Einstein condensation group at the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology invites applications for a postdoctoral position in experimental research regarding Hawking radiation in sonic black holes. The group, led by Jeff Steinhauer, is the only group worldwide to observe quantum, spontaneous Hawking radiation in any system. Stephen Hawking predicted that black holes should radiate. The prediction was based upon quantum field theory and general relativity. The same considerations led William Unruh to predict the spontaneous emission of Hawking radiation in sonic black holes. Our group studied the problem for a decade, observed spontaneous Hawking radiation, and found it to be in quantitative agreement with Hawking’s predictions. Now, we would like to go beyond the semiclassical approximation, in which the analogue of the gravitational field is classical. You would perform a study involving the analogue of quantum gravity, and study the effect on Hawking radiation. The effects might include backreaction, which leads to black hole evaporation, as well as a nonthermal Hawking spectrum. The latter might give insight into the black hole information paradox. Our group collaborates regularly with a variety of theoretical research groups worldwide, on the subjects of sonic black holes, semiclassical gravity, and quantum gravity. You would be in communication with these groups regarding your research.

Applicants should have the desire to work in the laboratory.  The appointment is initially for one year starting as early as October, 2023.  The appointment is renewable for additional years. The salary will be 10,000 Israeli shekels per month. In Haifa (the location of the Technion), one can live luxuriously on such a salary.

Jeff Steinhauer

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