Technion Advantage

Termed “Israel’s hard-drive,” Technion is among the top technology universities in the world for supporting the most successful innovation ecosystems

Technion Achievements

Meet Technion’s Nobel Laureate Professor Dan Shechtman. Technion’s multidisciplinary approach to research has contributed to its prosperous scientific ecosystem

Technion Celebrates the Opening of the 2nd Freshman Year in Russian

On Nov. 5, Technion welcomed new Russian students from FSU countries to the start of the Freshman Year Program in Russian, now in its second year.  Graduates of the first class have integrated into regular study programs this year.

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Billy the Blue Beetle: 3D Printed Hexapod Robot

How cool is this? Billy, the blue beetle is a proof-of-concept 3D printed hexapod robot.

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Summer Program Offers 2 New Courses

TIS is opening two new advanced summer school courses in chemistry and civil engineering. The courses are open to outstanding senior undergraduate and postgraduate students from all over the world, interested in enhancing their academic profile.

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Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets Using Sound

  Physical Review X published work by Technion Professors Eitan Kimmel and Shy Shoham, and Ph.D. student Misha Plaksin, showing a new model that may advance our ability to unlock the brain’s secrets noninvasively using sound, and perhaps create new treatments for illnesses. 

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