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I am interested in the SciTech program this summer. Can you tell us what the dates are?

SciTech 2023 dates are: July 17th – August 10th, 2023.

I don’t speak Hebrew. Are activities conducted in English?

SciTech is an English program and all activities will be conducted in English.

I am going to be in 11th grade next year and I would like very much to do this program, is it possible?

SciTech program is open to current 11th and 12th graders, it is rare but sometimes the academic committee accepts an exceptionally brilliant student who is going into the 11th grade. If you choose to apply as a sophomore, you should know that preference will be given to 11th-12th graders.

What kind of candidates is SciTech looking for?

SciTech is looking for students with a strong academic background in science and engineering.

Are there any sports facilities?

The Technion offers a pool, a gym and a tennis court.

Where do we sleep?

We will be sleeping in the Technion dormitories.

What happens on weekends?

We will spend all the weekends in the camp.

Is the food going to be Kosher?

Yes, all the food in the camp is Kosher.

Are there any activities on Shabbat?

All activities on Shabbat are “Shabbat Friendly”.

Are there any trips in Israel?

Yes, the program includes trips in Israel: North of Israel, Jerusalem, and South of Israel. It is important to bring comfortable shoes and a small backpack for the trips.

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