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Program Description

IsraelTeenTech is an annual international science and technology-based competition for young entrepreneurs. Over the past few years, hundreds of young tech enthusiasts and aspiring entrepreneurs from over 20 countries arrived in Israel to participate in this exciting program. IsraelTeenTech aims to introduce talented students to Israel’s strengths as a scientific and technological world leader.


•  Share Israel’s wealth of knowledge as a leading tech nation with students, and create an Israel-based virtual technological incubator for youth from around the world.
•  Mentor program participants to become future leaders in technology and entrepreneurship.
•  Establish a foundation that fosters collaboration among participants to tackle technological matters, while receiving guidance and support from world-class scientists and Israel-based global companies.
•  Create long-lasting connections among youth from around the globe.

Over the course of the week, the teams will get to know one another, experience life in Haifa, tour Israel, and meet Technion’s scientists, as well as entrepreneurs from the various high-tech companies.

International participants will be hosted in university apartment-style dorms. Participants will be divided into mixed work groups;  each group will be assigned a mentor and given a mission to generate and promote innovative solutions to medical and healthcare issues. The competition will be refereed by a professional committee of the highest scientific level.

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