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In what language are studies at Technion conducted?

Students in the regular Technion programs study in Hebrew. However, Technion International offers a variety of academic programs and courses in English through Technion International.

What fees will I be expected to pay while at Technion?

Fees and charges may vary between full time students and visiting students, and between visiting students from partner universities and non-partner universities. See a list of our partner universities here.
Please note tuition costs do not include the cost of housing. For information on housing at Technion click here

Does Technion offer classes in areas other than science or engineering?

The Technion curriculum includes a range of courses in social sciences and humanities, the performing arts, Judaic studies, and modern languages. There are also clubs for the arts, theater and music (choir, orchestra). Students can sign up for these activities as credit courses.

What extra-curricular activities are there at Technion?

The Technion campus offers a wide range of social and sports activities organized through Technion International and the student association (ASAT). Visiting students are welcome to join as members of the Technion Student Association. For information on all aspects of Technion life see here.

What is there to do in Haifa?

Haifa is Israel’s third largest city, situated between the coast of the Mediterranean Sea and the Carmel Mountains. It is home to over 30,000 students, offering a variety of night life attractions such as bars, restaurants and coffee shops in addition to incredibly beautiful beaches and hiking trails. More information  here

How far is Haifa from Tel Aviv and Jerusalem?

Haifa is about 59 miles (95 km) from Tel Aviv and 98 miles (158 km) from Jerusalem. The city is easily accessible with buses and train that run all day to major destinations in the country.

Do I have to be Jewish to study at Technion?

No. Our international programs are open to students of all religions.

Can academic credits from Technion be transferred to other universities?

Academic credit transfer is done on a case-by-case basis and depends on the home university’s academic requirements, the student’s academic specialty, courses, and grades. Technion is a highly regarded technology university and has ties to many of the world’s leading universities. Technion credits are likely to be recognized in the same subject of study

How much does a dorm room cost?

On campus housing is around 4,000 USD per year.

Are there financial aid opportunities?

Yes, a variety of scholarships are available and will be awarded to top candidates for tuition and/or living expenses based on both academic merit and financial need. For financial aid information, click here.

What about campus safety?

Our student’s security is our top priority.  The university has a 24 hour guard network, with security guards stationed at its entrances at all times, and patrol units operating on campus.
Our students will receive updated security information and instructions about staying safe during their orientation. Its mandatory that every student have an Israeli cell phone number so that we can contact them at all times.
For detailed information about security on campus, click here.

Do I need to get health Insurance?

Yes. All of our International students are required to purchase a comprehensive health care plan during their studies here. An Israeli health fund provides a special insurance plan for international students studying at the Technion. The plan provides comprehensive health coverage and high-level primary and secondary medical care. This includes coverage for hospitalization, a 24-hour English-language hotline, house-calls and subsidized medication.

What is Technion’s academic calendar?

Technion’s academic year starts in the fall and ends in the summer, typically from October to July. Each semester is comprised of 13 weeks of teaching, followed by a 4 week exam period.
Winter Semester: October – February
Spring Semester: March – July
For Technion Academic Calendar click, here.

Can I learn some Hebrew while at Technion?

Technion International offers visiting students a class in conversational Hebrew at an additional cost. Students enrolled in full year programs will study Hebrew as part of the program curriculum.  Please note that although Hebrew language classes will allow you to maintain basic communication, it is not likely to be sufficient preparation for taking regular Technion classes in Hebrew.

What is the grade distribution at Technion?

Grade Distribution

  • Grades are on a percentile scale (0 – 100).
  • Passing grade:  55
  • ‘Dean’s List’ (cum laude): grade average between 84 and  91 (21% of students).
  • ‘President’s List’ (summa cum laude): grade average above 91 (3.5% of students).
  • Student Probation:  average grade under 65 (4.5% of students)

Scale of Grades at Technion

Relevant Mark Relevant Evaluation Technion’s Grade
A Excellent 90-100
B Very Good 75-89
C Good 65-74
D Sufficient 55-64
E Failure 0-54


What are the credit points at Technion?

  • One weekly lecture hour per semester =  one credit point.
  • One weekly tutorial hour per semester = 1/2 credit point.
  • One weekly laboratory hour = 1/3 credit point.
  • Students typically take 20 credit points per semester (approximately 30 contact hours per week).

Will my home university recognize my studies at Technion?

Technion is recognized worldwide as a leading institute of higher education and research in science and technology. Courses taught at the Technion are usually recognized by other universities. However it is the responsibility of the student to verify acceptability of courses they plan to take at Technion with their home university prior to their arrival here.

What courses can I take at Technion?

The student-exchange office cannot approve or provide information about specific courses. All information about courses and course approval is done by the specific faculty where a course is taught.
Once a visiting student identifies the faculty he or she wishes to study at, the Study Abroad Coordinator can put the student in contact with a designated advisor for visiting students. This advisor can provide assistance regarding specific courses and can also approve whether a student can enroll in these courses. However this contact can be made only after the student has formally applied for a visit to the Technion and paid the required processing fee. For a list of courses in English click here.

Do I have to speak Hebrew to study at undergraduate programs offered by the Technion International?

No, the language of instruction is English. Every class and activity will be in English and all of your course work will be done in English. There will be opportunities to study Hebrew at Technion, however it is not a requirement.

How long will it take to complete a Bachelor degree?

Four years, and this includes a 16 week preparation period in the first year of studies.

Who is exempt from the Preparation Period?

We require almost all our students to participate in the preparation period. Experience indicates that students who take part in an adequate preparation period have a greater chance of excelling, and completing their engineering studies.

Where will I live?

On-campus housing is provided for International students enrolled in a yearly program  for the entire duration of their time at Technion. There are 9 different dormitory villages, each with its own character. More information on housing is available here

How do I apply for graduate studies at Technion?


Who do I contact regarding graduate studies at Technion?

Please contact Ms. Gabriela Laufmann, The international students advisor at the Technion Graduate School at: